Far from dead, just sleeping


So we have a new logo! Along with it we have merchandise! Check out some of the awesome gear we’re going to be putting out for you, our favorite 10 people in the world.

Along with the new logo we would like to share with you all some of our campaign of the last 12 months.

We’ve been busy and in order to avoid the long winded speech that follows this I’m going to give you guys the tl;dr version.

We need money to pay some artists to help us animate our passion project. We’re not assholes so we’re not looking for volunteers to promise royalties to. We’re doing everything we can to get this project off the ground financially.  You can support us in one of four ways.  Thanks ahead of time!

1) Shop here, buy lots.  A link to our BigCartel store.

2) Like, share, subscribe to all of our channels/pages.

3) Donate directly to us here– The more exorbitant the donation the better we can make it.

4) Click this link for porn– This is real, we’re not lying to you. In order to make sure that our project is always in the black, Poison decided to sell his body on the internet. You can watch him do all kinds of filth or not, we just need you to click the link so that we can collect the royalties. Thanks Pornhub for being an indirect sponsor!

Otherwise, the tl;dr version is below this for those who want to read it all but the point is that even if we don’t get very much funding we’re still going to do this. Once there is enough money to keep the lights on and put a roof over the head of our only full time in-house artist then the show will go on.

Thanks for reading, keep us entertained!

Das Manifesto