Risk Chapter 12

Holy shit people! It’s been nearly a year since we updated this story but after receiving some feedback I realized that it’s time to get to finishing this story. Especially since we’re going to be shutting down our doors at the end of this year, I figure that it’s time for us to get this story finished and over with once and for all!

Now, as you all know we haven’t really been posting as much as we normally do in the past month but tomorrow we have an announcement for you all! Yes, yet another announcement from The Infection regarding…us! Yeah, we know you all are getting tired of the announcements but think of it like this…we’re planning and doing things because we do want to keep you all as entertained as we’ve been kept by you.  Now! I proudly present Risk chapter 12!

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Risk Chapter 11

Alright people! so it’s Poison here and I’ve gotta apologize for not updating and finishing when I promised but alas, I realized that you all have so much more important shit to do. Nonetheless, we’re back in action and here to finish this shit for you!

Before I get into the chapter I’m going to have a little self reflective moment with you all because I know you all are caring individuals who really give a rats ass about how I feel. So way back when I wrote this, which I estimate was nearly 5 years ago now, I thought this was a hit. I thought it was best seller material but when I look back on it, even after my minor editing, It makes me itch to show you all how much I’ve improved as a writer. Still, I like the story nonetheless because in it I’ve managed to create my own world. A universe where things are a bit dark and jaded but it’s still interesting to watch. Anyways, what I want to say is that I really hope that you who do read this don’t take this as an indication of my current ability to write and I can promise you all that it does get better later on, we just need to go through all this because you need the back story to understand what happens later.

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Risk Chapter 10

Alright people! we’re almost at the end! Soon we’ll be getting to my favorite parts of this damn quadrilogy! For now…we’ll be at the end of Risk soon. Just 7 more chapters to go! New Years eve 2009 is when it all ends. So it is written, so it shall be done!

In this chapter we’ve managed to catch up with Etch and he’s been without Sketch for a while now. Poison and Script X are in a plot together, have they resolved their differences? Or are they putting them aside for a common goal? Find out more in this week’s installment of Risk! Continue reading

Risk Chapter 9

It”s been a while and some of you may be needing an update on what’s happened thus far in this little drama…well you can read it all by clicking on the ‘Risk’ category. All the chapters we’ve put up so far are there so go on and read. Hell, you can do the same thing with the first story, Snowflake. We’ve got all the chapters there for you to enjoy if you’re new to the story!

Now for this week’s installment. In this week’s installment of ‘Risk’ we meet up with Spectrum who has been charged with a mission, retrieve Sketch. It’s an easy sounding mission…the only thing is if he will make it past the spirits that await him at the bottom of the sewers!  Now for this week thrilling installment of…Risk! Continue reading

Risk Chapter 8

The joys of being a student…they overwhelm alot of  us here at The Infection right now. It’s midterm season and the majority of us are just confucked out of our minds right now. Aside from us, we know that alot of you readers do look to us for a little bit of entertainment to keep your mind off the fact that you may or may not be failing a class or two right now.  So in this weeks installment of Risk we find Poison with his own personal agenda. Tell me why I’m not surprised?! In other news, Spectrum descends into the darkness of the sewers to find Sketch and bring her back to the land of the living…all of this is in this week’s installment of Risk! Continue reading

Risk Chapter 7

Yay! I beat Lionel to the presses this week! It’s Poison here people and I’m here to entertain you as always.

In this weeks thrilling installment we find ourselves with Sketch again and she seems to be doing well…in the forbidden place! We finally get to find out what has become of her after the events of  ‘Snowflake’. In other news Poison (yes, that’s me, how conceited am I!) is up to something as he requests seemingly useless documents delivered to him. What are his motives? Are they good? Bad? Ugly?! Who knows what the hell is going to happen anymore! Read more to find out!

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Risk Chapter 6

It’s Poison here again y’all…so as you might of read last week I wont be doing anymore illustrations for Risk. I know i made promises to do so but I don’t think you guys believed any of it anyways. Plus, a promise is a comfort to a fool  and those of you who would take someone on a promise should know that it’s quite foolish. In this life always have a backup plan…and if it fails then it fails but at least you saw ahead enough to plan. Now, enough life lessons!

In this week”s thrilling installment of Risk we leave Ronin and Gaia to have a peek in quite the heated conversation between Script X and Poison (Yes, I’m in this chapter) We have some dangerous secrets revealed. Secrets about murder most foul, the perversion of  justice and the dark hand of A-Soul. Now please be entertained as we give you this week’s thrilling installment of Risk! Continue reading

Risk Chapter 5

So here I am again people, It’s Poison Apple here again to rock you like a hurricane! So here I am with another update of Risk for you and I can tell you that my devilish hands have been busy. First the sad news…we weren’t even able to attend the TIFF this year due to our own lack of funding 😦 oh well We’ll be sure to cover it next year and we’ll be sure to do it big. Otherwise we are working on getting our hands into other kinds of trouble that you’ll see this month. Now this week’s chapter isn’t really all too exciting but it keeps the story going. In other news I’ve been in a bit of an art block with this chapter image…I’ve had it here for so long and now I’m just fed up with it. Anyways, that art block is something to talk about on Deviantart, not here.  Now, keep me entertained with your thoughts and enjoy this weeks installment of ‘Risk’! Continue reading

Risk chapter 4

Welcome one and all to yet another week with us at The Infection. First of all I would like to offer a warm welcome to all those of you going back to school and a good luck to those of you who are just starting school. Enjoy the school life people, because when you reach my stage in life and realize that you’re still in school thinking to yourself  ‘oh my, I’ve pissed away 25% of my life in school’ you might as well be able to say it was enjoyable. Second of all, I apologize for being late with the chapter, I can make excuses for you but they wont matter now so fuck it.  Now this week’s thrilling installment of Risk focuses on G.K  so we get a bit of character development here. Now sit back, relax and adjust your eyes for another chapter of Risk!

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