Mastercrap theater 14 and 15- Finale-

So here we are at last, the finale of ‘Snowflake’ by Poison Apple. We come to the end to encounter what is the true beginning of this story and the inevitable descent into chaos. With the Snowflakes complete and a new player in the mix, the mysterious Ronin, things may take a turn for the worse. So read now as The Infection presents to you the thrilling finale to ‘Snowflake’ by Poison Apple.

Snowflake Chapter 14

“Oy! I’ve got the thing in the case and I’m headed towards your place right now” Said Ronin on his cell phone.

“Good, you’ll get your payment on arrival with my masters’ possession” replied Enzo on the line.

“What about Poison? Won’t he find out?” asked Ronin.

“No, that man has no idea of what I’m planning” said Enzo in an angry tone.

“He might not be a genius but I know that he will do something if he finds out that you’re doing something as bad as this” replied Ronin.

“Don’t bother me about this shit, just get the other two jewels” spat out Enzo into the phone.

Ronin was about to reply when Enzo hung up on him.

“Bastard!” Yelled out Ronin, to get many looks from people at the restaurant he was in.

“Fuck…” he thought to himself, and he quickly paid his bill and walked out.

“Well now it’s time to find that second flake” thought Ronin as he walked down the street. It then began to rain.

“Frig…” thought Ronin, as he hailed a cab.

Script X sat in his dark basement, staring at his computer in thought. It wasn’t a gloomy basement; it was only gloomy when Script was there. Currently he was at his recruiting headquarters and it was quiet as always until thunder struck and Poison arrived. A light came into the dark basement and down came Poison, in all his glory. He was soaked from head to toe and his shoes were covered in slush. Poison sat down on the step looking at Script and Script continued to write as if nothing had disturbed his peace at all. Poison then wordlessly got up and placed an envelope in front of Script and slowly walked up the stairs, when he reached the top he stopped and waited.

“What’s this?” asked Script

“Your court date” said Poison and with that there was another strike of thunder and Poison was gone once more.

The second snowflake was with Spectrum and they were both walking out of 7-11 on a snack run. They ran through the rain and slush to Spectrum’s car and then sat down to begin to snack on the goods that they had bought. It was a silent meal and the both stared out the window at the rain and listened to music as they satisfied their hunger with Twinkies momentarily. They looked at the rain and checked the time frequently as they ate; they were waiting for someone or something. As the time they were waiting for came closer they both grew tenser and began to stop eating. It was 3:00pm, finally time for them to go, as Spectrum started up the vehicle and drove off onto the highway. Thunder struck once more.

G.K was in an empty parking garage along with a large group of A-soul members. Why they were there?  It was for a trial. They danced and sang and talked inside of the parking lot while they awaited the judge, witnesses and defence. G.K was not celebrating along with the rest of her fellow A-soul members; she stood against a wall with her separate unit, The Soul sabres, awaiting the arrival of the court in general. She was in a sour mood today, it was raining, her cell phone was broken and she was at an unjust trial in which she wanted no part of. Thunder struck and there was silence, the judge had arrived, the garage was silent, it was Poison. Poison walked in and the Literature contingent announced his arrival and gave him a traditional flaxen wig and a black frock along with gabble. There were seats prepared for everyone and as Poison walked up to his place all people took their respective seats. G.K walked up to Poison and whispered something into his ear then she was about to leave when Spectrum’s car came into the garage and she no longer wished to leave, thunder struck once more. The Defence was there; Dust and Spectrum stepped out of the car and silently took their places in the court. Hearts started to beat rapidly and as Dust took her place in the court it was as if all the air had been sucked out of everyone there. Now all those in the mockery of a court sat in silence and waited for the play to begin. Poison sat in his place and watched everyone present, his emotion could not be seen since his eyes were not visible through his glasses and his bandana covered his eyebrows. The mock judge then cleared his throat after a few minutes and then stood up but as he was about to speak he saw two men with UZI’s coming  towards the group of people, soon others saw and ducked and ran for cover as they shot at one person in particular. Everyone scattered like flies as they shot down Dust in the middle of the parking garage, she went down quickly and then shuddered on the ground in shock before she took her final breath and died. The assailants then took her body and ran off to the lower floor of the garage. Before the chaos had begun Script had arrived and had been witness to the entire affair. He stood in shock as his fellow A-Soul members ran for their lives and took to every kind of vehicle for escape. Before he could stay to analyze the entire situation, he was dragged away by G.K and Poison into Spectrum’s car and they sped off as far away as possible.

Ronin stood in front of a small pizza place across the street from the parking garage and it was raining heavier than before. It was now night and he stood in the rain and sipped on some green tea as he watched the police clear out of the place. The police had found nothing and dismissed the case as a minor squabble between some teenagers or drug dealers. For the parking lot to be abandoned it was a pretty bad area that they were located in so when reports of gunshots were heard, nobody really cared. There was an abandoned flea market in the area as well, this was where many Visual contingent members of A-soul could be found in their spare time just hanging out and spreading their graffiti over piss stained walls. Ronin was not happy about the entire situation in general, he had beaten some information out of an A-soul member who had been seen in the area at the time of the incident and now the second snowflake was not in his hands…what would he tell his employer now? Not only was his paycheque at stake but his reputation as a retriever was also on the line.  He knew now that the snowflake had died and as he thought this in his mind it seemed to rain even more. Heaven now had one of its angel’s back for she was not worthy of this Earth.  Ronin sipped on his green tea once more and looked up towards the sky, the rain had come to an end and so had his contract with his employer but then a ray of sunlight broke through the clouds and shone down on him, he then received a call on his cell phone. He picked up and it was his employer calling to fire him, it was brief and to the point, he then hung up. The ray of sunlight then disappeared and thunder cracked, the gods were once again angered and Ronin got another call on his phone. This time it was his new employer…Spectrum of A-Soul.

Chapter 15

Script stood out at the back of the palace that was owned by A-Soul and looked down upon the city as it’s sins were being washed away by the rain, either that or another great flood was coming. The rain poured heavily on him as he stood by the fence and the water drenched his hair making it go down below his eyes. He pushed it back so that he could see as he stood in place and thought about the events of the day. Dust was dead but somehow he did not feel any loss or sadness at all at this fact. Yes he did like her but was it just an attraction or was it more? An umbrella then came over his head, though he thought there was no point to it as he was well soaked at this point. It was G.K; she stood beside him in silence and wore the same clothing as him, white sweater and black jersey over it with black jeans. They both looked down at the city from their palace and they stood near each other for comfort, together under the umbrella behind the fence they watched silently. After a while Script looked at G.K and noticed her crying, at this she then took down the umbrella and they were soaked, wet and cold in the rain together. They had never been together like this, Script and G.K, but they were always so close yet so distant, it was a silent agreement that had never been understood between the two, it was not love or anything of the sort but an unexplainable force that gave them a sense of comfort when they were near each other, this was their relationship. Script then stopped looking at G.K and then laughed out loud, so loud that the city could hear. G.K just looked at him as the moonlight shone on him and his wet, messy black hair, she was once again witness to his madness, this was the Script that everyone knew, so random yet predictable at the same time, you didn’t know if to feel pity for him or for those who understood him, it was envy. G.K then kicked him in his shin and he stopped and went back to looking at the drenched city. Script once again looked at the city and then all of a sudden G.K threw her umbrella over the fence, he looked at the rain drenched girl and then looked back once more to the soaked city. The two comrades looked down at this city from behind their fence and silently laughed at themselves in the rainy moonlit night. A third companion then arrived and he came bearing gifts. It was Poison, he wore a white jeans suit and under it a black sweater, he had with him 3 cups of green tea in a tray, it was being watered down by the rain. He took place beside them and looked down at the city, the city full of chaos, a chaos that brought death, mayhem and destruction, a chaos that he wished to leave but could never will him to stray too far from it. He knew that he was as much a part of this chaos as anybody else in the city they looked down on behind their fence but it was something that he could not just leave as is, it was his, something that was part of him, something that he loved, chaos was his master and commander. The rain fell down on his thick black afro and made his bandana along with his glasses wet with rain water. The rain did not seem to calm down as the three companions stood there and soon enough thunder cracked but the moon could still be seen shining on them. Hours would pass and they would stay there, slowly they were joined by other members of A-Soul and they all stood in the rain together. It was not a sad day for them as they now were not only standing by the fence but they also were on top of the fence, in the nearby treetops and some were sitting on the other side of the fence. All together, with death there must be a birth to balance it out and on this night something strong was born, a new A-Soul. As the night grew older more members came but none left and some friends of A-Soul came as well. The rain had stopped and a cool breeze was blowing, many members had fallen to sleep in the rain and some were still getting close as the sun could be seen peak its head over the horizon, Script then climbed over the fence and went down the hill to edge of the trees to have the sun illuminate his face. Then he turned back towards his comrades and faced them with something to say.

“Those Snowflakes were not meant for this Earth, that’s a fact. I don’t really care about what happened to Dust but we all have a good guess about why it happened. We’ve got to get rid of those things if A-soul is gonna survive and then we gotta get back on our feet with things. We can’t not do shit anymore, we’ve got to get back on task, enough with Sforza’s damn bling! It’s fucking up things. So who’s with me?” asked Script.

“You have no talent for speeches!” Yelled out a random voice

“Yeah!” Spectrum yelled out as all eyes turned to him. “I’m one step ahead of you, I’ve hired a retriever, we’re gonna get those snowflakes and then we gonna get them the hell outta here!” he said, and with that there was applause.

“Fucking bastard, go fuck a goat” mumbled Script as he walked up the hill, over the fence and into the house.

“So, where were you all night man?” asked Poison as he came up to Spectrum. “You should have been there last night, it was kinda cool, and there were mad G’s there, I got to finger some gyal, you should have come” said Poison.

“I was out working on A-Soul business, while you rass gone off fuh chop gal, you’re a bastard” said Spectrum

“That was your choice not mine” replied Poison “so who did ya hire?” he asked.

“Guess” Said Spectrum

“Ryan and dem?” guessed Poison

“Naw, guess again” replied Spectrum and now more people closed in to listen to their conversation.

“I don’t know, tell me” said Poison.

“Ronin” answered Spectrum.

“Good to know, but here’s a question” Said Poison “What if what happened to Dust happens to Sketch? Maybe we should hire some protection while we’re at it?”

With that the whole crowd went into frenzy. The morning air was filled with voices as people started yelling out locations and descriptions of the girl in question. In one area she was said to have dyed her hair, another said that she was a prostitute now and rumours and allegations were sparking up all over the place about this one girl, but out of all of this there was one thing in common, the place at which she had been frequently seen. This place was a forbidden place, a place that only the brave or stupid go to. This forbidden place was simply called the forbidden place.

“Whoa!” Yelled out Poison “She’s been hanging out there! I near shit myself when I first went there…girl’s got balls” he said loudly.

“Yo! what the fuck is the ‘Forbidden Place’ ?” asked Spectrum, and more bystanders closed in to hear Poison explain as whispering went around telling about this Forbidden place.

“Simply to put it” Poison began “It’s a graveyard and a shrine that’s located under the abandoned mall near where Dust got shot…speaking of that, what’s the news on the shooting?” he asked.

“Those Jackasses on channel 6 are saying it was gang related!” Yelled out G.K as she came from the palace with a glass of orange juice and most of the crowd dispersed as they ran inside remembering that it was morning and morning was breakfast time.

-Fin…for now-

Mastercrap Theater 12 and 13

In this week’s installment we follow the story of the first snowflake, Michelle. In the wake of Sforza’s death A-Soul has been up in arms as a series of unfortunate events has begun to take place. How will everyone cope in this dire situation? Find out  in this week’s installment of Poison Apple’s ‘Snowflake’!

Snowflake Chapter 12

The world had seen the entire funeral broadcast all over the world and the speech given by Enzo was being played over and over again for the past week. The newspapers were hungry for more news involving Sforza and now they were interested in the jewels within his forbidden collection. In his will Sforza had requested that the snowflakes be given to their respective muse and the rest of his jewels were to be divided equally between a list of charities and a secret fund for a project being led by the original members. The world was not bothered by the fact that the jewels were being given to charities but the secret project was now a center of world attention, along with the muses, the three snowflakes. The world now knew what the inspiration for the jewels was and their faces were all over the papers. The first snowflake disappeared quite quickly, the second took to public attention very easily and the third had too many problems of her own to be worried about the press. The world, and more importantly A-Soul, had wondered where the first snowflake had disappeared off to, so let’s find out readers.

Michelle sat in the limo face to face with the man she genuinely hated in this world, her own brother, Mathew. They both sat down together and looked at each other in silence. Mathew then went to pour a drink and made a gesture to offer her some, she gestured back no, with a very rude hand gesture. The limo was traveling towards the warehouses on the dock that was where their business was to be conducted.

“So sis, tell me, how did you survive?” asked Mathew

“You see me here, right?” replied Michelle with a cold voice

“No need to be so cold sis, but…” Mathew was then cut off by Michelle

“Don’t call me sis again….” she said.

With that there was once more silence in the vehicle and it continued to travel towards its destination. Outside it was sunset and the sun was slowly hiding its face from the world, it was going to hide behind the towers and behind the skyscrapers of the city as lights went on to take its place and the moon came out along with all the creatures of the night. The vehicle was on the freeway and now it was turning off and coming into the warehouse district. The limo moved cautiously through the area, avoiding all obstacles if necessary and taking too long routes until it came to its destination. The location they were at was a brand new warehouse that was painted in total white and in front of it were men in black suits, the limo was parked in front and in view of these men but they did not do anything. Michelle and Mathew sat in the car and waited, until some more limos would come and stop in front of the warehouse in view of the men in black. There were three men in front of the white warehouse and they each looked identical to one another, each with the same spiked haircut and black hair, the same black suit and the same black sports shades. They stood and looked at all the limos assembled in front of the warehouse and did not move a muscle. Two hours would pass until Michelle finally stepped out of the limo she was in and walked forward towards the men in black.

“Good night, miss” said the three men in black as Michelle walked by into the entrance.

Many others in vehicles followed suite and got out of their cars and walked forward into the warehouse. This was to be the biggest assembly of the major cartels in the city for the entire year. A new year was arriving soon and the first snowflake was now the biggest news in the world, something was to be done about that tonight. All the heads of the major groups in the city were there, from those in control in the east district to the small time west district pushers. Michelle’s family was a part of the Mid-west district and was in control at the moment so her brother was representing them there and she was representing herself, since she was the one who called this meeting. It had been a very long time since Michelle had been to one of these meetings, not since her father had died, and she was feeling very weird to have to call such a meeting like this herself. She looked around and saw the group heads and their financial advisers whispering to them in their heads about stock’s and revenues and whatnot. Michelle then cleared her throat very loudly and managed to gain the leaders attention. She walked into the center of the warehouse and looked around her to see the many leaders that had come and some who she knew had sneaked their way into this meeting, there were also hit men and bodyguards with their leaders and all well armed or trained. She stood for a moment looking and after catching herself she began to talk.

“I’ve called you here today to talk some business with you. I’m leaving crime behind me and I want to start of a life of my own that is why I have called you here today. As you know I have come into possession of a very rare piece of jewellery and I am interested in selling it for the right price.” she said, and with that the three men in black that were standing outside the door came in with a silver briefcase and opened it to show a dazzling jewel shaped like a snowflake. The first of the three snowflakes, it was as large as two men’s fists and it was gold rimmed with diamonds on the inside, very generic but on the inside there was a sad diamond angel with a broken wing, it was the most beautiful angel ever seen. The jewel shone in the briefcase and sparkled in the darkness of the warehouse.

“I’ll set the opening bid at 5 million EUD” she said, and with that the bidding began.

Chapter 13

The bidding was now at 23 million EUD and some had dropped out but were still there. There was much hostility in this place and not even an hour had passed. The whole auction was being shown on the internet as well and some of the foreign bidders had offered not just cash but cars, clothes, houses and slaves. Michelle sat down and watched the bidding go on and remembered her session with Sforza when he was sketching her.

“Michelle, I want you to be happy, not sad young one” Sforza had told her.

“But how can I be happy when I have lost part of myself?” she had replied

“Ah, Time is a cruel master, we cannot fight it but we can run from it” Sforza had told her

Her response to this was silence. The only sound between them was that of Sforza’s pencil scribbling against the paper.

The bidding was now at 52 million EUD and there were a few left in the bidding. Buyers were now offering their wives and children to her and selling everything they had to make cash quickly enough to get back into the bidding. There was yelling and screaming as people argued about where they were getting their money from and who still owed who money. Suddenly there was a blockbuster bid made at 100 million EUD.

“I know a solution young one” Sforza had told her “you should run away from this place and never return, there is much pain in this city and with my death there will be nothing but chaos if you decide to stay” he had said that night.

“Don’t say that, you’re not gonna die yet!” She had told him.

“When I have completed this jewel, I want you to sell it and then go away to find a new place of belonging” Sforza had told her.

Somehow, the old man had a talent for taking her words away, it wasn’t love or anything of the sort but he made her think about things she would not normally think about and she would miss that when he was gone.

The warehouse was in silence and all eyes were on Michelle who was also in silence. She then got up out of her seat and looked at the man who had made large bid. It was her brother, Mathew and then another man made the same bid to her and offered a car to her.

“C’mon, you wouldn’t sell your own brother like this” Said Mathew

“Yeah, your right” said Michelle, “I wouldn’t sell you out like this”. She then turned around and said “I’ll let anyone who kills my brother have the snowflake” and all guns went off in Mathew’s direction, he didn’t even have time to react. Michelle then set down the briefcase with the snowflake in the center of the warehouse and went to walk out the door with her three men in black, but before she could walk out a leader yelled out

“Who gets the snowflake!?”

“Anyone who wants it” replied Michelle.

She then walked out the warehouse door into the night with a rain of bullets in all directions behind her. The first Snowflake was now off in the wind, never to be seen again until another cold wind blew in the way it was going.


There was one man remaining in the chaos of the warehouse and he had the snowflake. He was bloody and battered but still alive. He dragged himself out of the warehouse with the snowflake and was trying to escape before any of the foreign investors showed up in hopes of trying to claim the jewel. He would make it somewhere safe, he thought as he dragged himself to his limo, and then he would disappear with the jewel, sell it and buy lots of stock, be set for life, well he was sure as hell wrong. A tall, skinny, young, black male with a thick black vest and black jeans sat in front of the limo’s he was dragging himself to. The man sat and was wearing a sleeveless shirt in the middle of winter like nothing was wrong, the sun could be seen peaking over the clouds, morning was coming, the police could be heard in the distance and things didn’t look so good.

“Dammit…” thought the man “I fought too hard for this shit” he thought to himself

“Oy! What’s your name?” asked the black man

“The name is…Oliver” he struggled to say

“Well, you can call me Ronin since you don’t look like your gonna live long enough to know my real name” said the black man as he picked up the briefcase with the snowflake in it.

Ronin was about to walk away when he said “Oy! Do me a favour will ya? Put in a good word in heaven for me…if you’re lucky enough to make it close enough for god to hear”

And Ronin was off, with only one more of the snowflakes to retrieve.

Mastercrap Theater 10 and 11!

Welcome one and all to The Infection! This post marks the beginning of the longest week for us as we prepare to take you all to our coverage of Anime North 2009. This week we plan to update with something new and interesting every day until the convention and beginning next week we’ll start with the launch of our own YouTube channel! We’ll kick off this very special week with yet another double feature of our own original story- Snowflake!

Snowflake Chapter 10

Hammer, hammer, and Hammer away old man. Beat that steel as hard as you can. Hammer, hammer, shape that metal, mold it and make it into something new. Hammer, hammer, the fires are high and the fumes threaten to suffocate you but you must not stop now. Your mission is clear, the goal is so near. You feel your heart failing and you feel your arms get heavy, but beat that metal you damn old man, beat it as hard as you can. It’s taking shape now, you feel you heart lifting, there is hope yet. Down your wrinkled cheek sweat drops, drips and drizzles. You have three quarters of it left to do, so don’t take a break now, keep pounding damn you!

Hammer, hammer, hammer away young one. Beat that wood as hard as you can. Hammer, hammer, crack! The wood is chipped but you do not care, the one you love is behind there. Hammer, hammer, and hammer. Let it be heard high, let it be heard low, for this woman you will not ever go. You grow weary of this game with the door, you refuse to play anymore. Boom, boom, boom goes your foot on the door, you kick it and bash it then you finally smash it.

Hammer, hammer, and hammer old man working every bone, tooth and nail. You keep working even though you are old and frail. Soon your time will come, much like the Quail but no…Not yet, you have one more mission and you refuse to fail. The heat makes you see things and the gas is swirling around you but your end is near and you know your minutes are few. Hammer, hammer, and hammer. Let it be heard. Even if that sound is your last testament, your last word.

Like a lion bearing its new mane, the young one step in and barks a roar of vengeance.

“Sforza!!!” he cries

The young lion steps over the broken wood, it tried to stop him but it did no good. The lion roars at all passersby. Some run, some hide, some cry. He’s young and on an adrenaline high. His emotions rushing, he wants to cry. Its walk now a mere stagger it still has eyes that pierce like a dagger. Rage and lust are his parents and they have sent him here to fulfill their wicked purpose. The lion reaches a grand staircase but it does not change the look on his face.

The old man pounded away, he had pounded from now and would not end till daylight. His hands were hot, his palms sweaty, but a mission near complete. He kept beating the metal and then he was done. The sun rose. He had won the fight and it was over, now for his last sleep, this was long and deep. His heart faltered in peace and his eyes slowly closed, it was over now and that was it. His story is over and he’s done with this shit. That was the end of Sforza.

The lion went up the Staircase, to get to the top to find something of magnificent beauty and grace. The lion had found its prey and now the sun was breaking above the clouds. It was day. Her hair shone in the sunlight, long and grey. The lion had her in its sights but he could not jump. He was with his love again, his heart jumped instead, he was alive, surely now he would survive. The day looked down upon him and then she saw his pride, the pack of unruly lions that followed him. She then turned away from him, the clouds covered her face. The lion then chased the sunlight; he could not understand why his precious sun would run away from him. His heart dropped and the lion was no more, he had nothing to fight for. His pride came near him but he sent them away with a single roar of anger.

The old man’s spark was no longer alight. This was his end, his night. One of the young women who stood by his side came looking for him to find his forge no longer lit. She took one look at the scene and realized that this was it, the old man’s end. The Snowflakes stayed and cooled in their molds. Three dazzling jewels, not worthy of heaven or Earth, were sparkling inside the molds, but nobody knew yet.

Chapter 11

Three ships were in the harbour, sailing gracefully in the moonlight. These ships were well lit and there were lights that gave an aura of festivity to anyone on the shore looking at the three ships passing by. It was not a festive occasion on the ships but a sad one, for some. It was a time of togetherness and a time where you wanted to be alone. It was a time of celebration but also a time of mourning. It was a funeral. On this night in the moonlit harbour, the three ships sailed out to sea with the body of Sforza in tow. At his request he was cremated and his ashes were to be carried out to sea. There was drinking and gaiety for some and for others they were solemn mourning, there was much debate about how Sforza would have wanted to conduct this occasion. Sforza was not known in life to respect tradition but he did place value on them and acknowledge them, somewhat unwillingly, so when it was time for his funeral there were no given instructions for how it was to proceed other than to cremate his body and throw his ashes out to sea. Nobody had ever seen Sforza go to church or worship a god of any sort but he had said that he was not an atheist. It was a large funeral and there were basically no rules since nobody had any idea of his religion or how he would have proceeded with his own funeral. All the units of A-Soul had come to pay their respects to the old man, all the units from the Paradise Devil Unit in the east to the Sakura dance unit in the west. To carry all the members it took three full capacity cruise ships and there were still members that were on shore paying their respects from there. There were choppers following the precession and recording the entire funeral. Every major news network in the world had correspondence there. There were few people who knew Sforza personally, other than his students, and he had no living family to come to his funeral. There were many rumours about Sforza’s life going around on the three ships; questions were being asked about him and his money and most importantly of all, the Snowflakes of the East. The General public had not seen his work yet and in his will he had given instruction to have his entire collection sold, half the proceeds would go to charity and the other half would go to A-Soul for the building of the empire. There was much noise in the area and drinking as well, on the first of the three ships there was the Sound section of A-Soul and there was where most of the noise could be heard, it was a mix of all kinds of music, from Jazz to Techno but the sound was also being drowned by the sound of mourning that could be heard in between the music. The sound of Mourning was coming from the Visual section of A-Soul and on their boat were most of Sforza’s loyal students whose mournful wails could be heard across the sea, it was the darkest of all three of the ships and possibly the most traditional of the ships in their mourning. The third ship housed the Literary section of A-Soul and they were a mix of the mourning of the Visuals and the general chaos of the Sounds, their ship was the brightest of all given that there were many who were inspired by the entire scene in general.  The ship sailed slowly and serenely across the water and now fog was beginning to roll across the sea towards the ships, all three ships began to slow down and then eventually they came to a full stop. With the stop came a silence over all three of the sects of A-Soul and all eyes turned to the Visuals ship. Footsteps were heard and one tall young brown skinned boy came up to the front of the ship where all eyes could see him. He stood at the front of the ship and camera crews took positions all around to get a shot of this boy that had managed to capture the attention of all so quickly. He stood tall and composed, with messy black hair and sleep deprived eyes, his skin was not its normal tone of brown but a lighter, paler shade of brown. He was grieving and it was noticeable. His name was Enzo and he was Sforza’s closest apprentice. He looked over them all and took out some papers from his pocket, and looked over them, and then he cleared his throat and delivered his speech.

“I would like to thank you all for coming to my masters side so quickly” said he “I’m not sure if all of you have ever had the honour of meeting a man as great as my master and now that he is gone I’m not sure that you ever will meet any greater a man than him. Given that you have all come to his side now, I assume that you at the least have some respect for him but not enough of you…I forever curse to souls of all the cowards who did not come to his side today and know his name and for those of you who did not show your faces today and call yourselves members of A-Soul I condemn you to the flames of Hades myself and hope that you and your cowardly soul rot and burn for it!” he spat out. “My master of great memory and so forth, lived a short and sweet life but the gods are cruel and cut him short before his time hath come.” and with this he broke down into tears “Why!? Gods tell me why!? Why do those that are so great have to die!?” he sobbed then his tears of sadness quickly turned to those of rage “In his memory and honor we shall rise up and create a legacy that will remember his name, long as I live his name will be written in the stars, I’ll make the heavens and Earth tremble for it!”.

Clearly he was not reading from his speech and there was dead silence which was surprisingly broken by the quiet literary section, then it was followed by the Visuals and the Sound. The world had seen the anger and passion of A-Soul within one being that night and shortly after the ashes were sent out to sea ceremoniously.

Mastercrap Theater #8 and 9 (double feature!!)

In this week’s thrilling installment the plot thickens as Etch is left to search for Sketch. His search takes him to A-Soul manor where he consults the help of Spectrum, G.K, Script X and Poison who seem to know more than meets the eye. So tune into this week’s thrilling installment of…Snowflake!

Snowflake: Chapter 8

“It looks like we’re nearing the end of this whole situation with Sforza” said Poison.

“That was random” said G.K.

They were both standing in the backyard of the A-Soul mansion alone. This was strange for both of them since they were rarely together, not since A-Soul began. They were both standing by the fence and looking down at the snow covered city from their palace in the hills.

“Something is out of place” Said Poison

“You usually are right about these things, have you ever thought you were psychic?” asked G.K

“No, not really” replied Poison

Snow fell around them as they continued to look down on the city from their palace, and then Spectrum arrived silently.

“Yo!” said Spectrum

Both people were startled as Spectrum broke the silence between them.

“Don’t ever do that again!” said G.K as she gripped her heart

“What ever happened to that mob bosses daughter?” asked Poison

“You mean the one we kidnapped last year?” asked Spectrum

“Yeah, that one” said Poison

“We just let her go outside the city after we found out she was useless” said Spectrum

“You guys are so cruel to women” said G.K

“That’s not true…not for me anyways” said Spectrum as he went and held G.K in his arms

The three people stood in silence and once again looked down on the city, night was coming and lights were going on in the city and the palace behind them. Script then arrived and took place beside Poison.

“What you looking at Poison?” asked Script

“Nothing, just thinking…” he replied as he cleaned off the snow from his glasses and hair.

Poison was a tall, skinny young man. He wore an open chest black tuxedo shirt with a white dress shirt under it and black jeans; on his head he wore a white bandana with black shades and a thick black afro with twin streaks of grey at the front. Script was about the same height as Poison but had more muscle on him than his colleague, he wore a black open chest T-shirt with a white sweater under it and had black jeans to match it, he had semi-long messy black hair, just enough to make a small ponytail and amazing dark brown eyes that just stuck out on his light brown skin. Spectrum had much more muscle than his other two colleagues and wore a black football jersey that was custom made for A-Soul, over it he wore a stylish black leather jacket that had his second in command, G.K, in it with him, and he had dark brown skin and dark black spiked hair with white jeans. G.K was a dancer, she had long legs and a slender body, she was well toned and it could be seen in her simple but fashionable outfit which consisted of a white sweater, tight black jeans and a black scarf with matching black mittens, she had light brown skin and wore light green contact lenses that stuck out against her skin and black hair. They all stood in the yard and looked down at the lit up city in silence then Poison broke this silence.

“Sforza’s jewels are going to be complete soon and I wanna know what the local gangs are planning” said Poison

“They don’t want anything but the Cartel is planning something” said Spectrum

“And…” said Poison

“I think they have an inside man” Said Spectrum “we’ve got to lure them out quickly, from what I know, Sforza just got his last snowflake last night, when the jewel itself is complete we’ll be the first to know”

“If they have an inside man then we should be there now” said Script

“How true” said Poison with a grim voice

“So who did the old pervert choose for his last snowflake?” asked G.K

“I think it was Sketch” said Poison

Just as he said those words Etch came running into the yard to hear those words drop from Poison’s mouth.

Snowflake: Chapter 9

Sforza, with his snowflakes 3, would let them leave once he was done with them. He would let them be. All the snowflakes sat at his home, warm and cozy in front of his roaring fireplace while sipping on hot chocolate as a blizzard went on outside the windows. There was to be heavy snowfall tonight but they did not care, all 3 except one, one who felt like half of herself as she sat and barely touched her hot chocolate. The other two conversed and chatted idly as the one sat and stared off into space. The first snowflake had been a skinny and pale girl when she first arrived but as time passed she had grown and thickened up, her circumstances for being there were different from the other two, she simply had nowhere else to go. Her name was Michelle, she had long dyed black hair and deep green eyes like an endless forest, she had red freckles on her face that gave her a childlike look, she was wearing a bathrobe and sat in front of the fireplace sipping on hot chocolate and talking to the second snowflake. The second snowflake was the most stunning of all, with long silky black hair, bright brown eyes that were adorned by all and a flawless caramel brown skin. Her name was not known by members of A-Soul, she was only known by reputation as the dancing Dust. Right now she was also in a bathrobe chattering idly to Michelle and ignoring the third snowflake, as if she were never there at all and only her words mattered at the moment but her beauty caused people not to notice and time seemed to stop and collapse on itself in her presence. Why was this angel with an old man like Sforza? Who knows, but she was one of the reasons he wanted to live and she enjoyed the attention. The last snowflake, the lonely one, was known as Sketch, she was not overly pretty but she was not ugly either. She had long Silvery white hair and steely grey eyes, they were contact lenses. Her hair was now wavy and thick unlike her usual style of wearing it straight down and she had thin slender eyes that showed much thought was going on within her mind at the moment. Like the second snowflake she also had a caramel brown skin but somehow it failed in comparison to her. She was wearing a bathrobe as well and looked dismally into the fire, just thinking and thinking about her other half, her missing self, her Etch.

Meanwhile, at the A-Soul manor the founding members sat in the living room and all drank together while a young man, well built, was in the kitchen with Spectrum, the sound father of A-Soul. Spectrum was blending drinks in the blender while the young man sat and looked down at the kitchen counter where he sat. This young man was called Etch by his fellow members of A-Soul and he wore a black toque and white jeans with a white sweater under a black vest. Spectrum finished blending the drinks and poured Etch out a glass of his concoction.

“Here, drink this, you’ll feel a lot better” Said Spectrum as he offered the man the drink and put it on the counter for him to drink.

Etch obliged and drank it all in one shot.

“Hey man, what’s so wrong with Sforza’s place anyways? It’s just an old man, what’s so wrong about that? She’s probably got her reasons for leaving me alone with those girls to ditch me…” Said Etch in an unconvincing tone, trying to reassure him of why Sketch left him.

“Well I don’t know why she left you but why don’t you go and just see her if you know where she is?” asked Spectrum between drinks.

“I’ve only heard of Sforza by rep, I’ve never gone to see him” replied Etch as he took a long swallow of the drink.

Etch then got up and walked towards the living room where the others were drinking, leaving Spectrum all alone in the kitchen to make something to eat. Etch walked towards the living room and heard Poison talking loudly as he usually did.

“Yo, what you think Sforza does with all those g’s?” asked G.K

“I thought you knew, he need nude models for him for some reason” Said Poison

Etch then ran into the room and grabbed Poison by the collar.


Spectrum then walked into the room with a sandwich in hand, to see Poison being near choked. Just as he was about to ask what was going on, Etch then barked an order into the now silent room.

“Listen, Spectrum, your taking that sandwich to go, we’re going to see the old man.”

Back at Sforza’s home, the first snowflake was up for sketching. One of the permanent residence students of Sforza walked into the room and she told Michelle that Sforza was ready for her. Sforza was not as much as a pervert as he appeared to be, he had kicked out all the male students that night in order to make sure that his models were comfortable, not a single male soul other than his own was allowed into the house that night. Michelle left the warmth of the fireplace and went to pay the old man back for his goodwill in the only way he had asked and she was prepared to do more if need be. She walked down into the basement of the house and saw the old man with his sketchpad and pencil, wearing thick glasses and ready to sketch her glory as she had nothing on around her, not even the radio.

Etch and the others were now racing down the highway towards Sforza’s home. The entire vehicle was silent except for the music. The heat in the car was on, but it was low, Etch’s anger made it seem higher as the vehicle went down the highway. It passed three exits and then made the fourth one then they made a left. G.K sat in the back of the car with Poison and Script. They were playing around in the back and currently she was braiding Script’s hair while Poison attempted to fondle her breasts but she slapped away his hand every time he tried to touch them. The only thought in her mind at the moment was

“Does he know that she went there on her own?”

In Sforza’s home the Second snowflake was up. Sforza did not spare a single detail as he drew her from joint to joint, vein all the way to vein. Sforza had special reasons for wanting these three young women in particular and they were simple reasons. The first snowflake reminded him of his mother and his childhood. The second snowflake reminded him of the first girl he lost his virginity to and his final step into maturity. Now he was done with the Second snowflake and it was time for the last snowflake, his one true love long lost. The thought of this last snowflake made his strength falter but he must not give up; he called for one of the students and asked for a glass of water. The student quickly came and he received his water, then he was on to the last one, his greatest work of all time.

A black sports car rolled to a stop in front of a very grand house. The car had black tint and dazzlingly bright headlights that threatened to bring about day. It was a simple car. The headlights went off and inside the vehicle sat 5 people. Poison and G.K had fallen asleep while Script was half awake in the back.

“So, this is it?” said Etch, as he looked at the rather large beachfront home of Sforza. It had taken them an hour to get there but they were there.

“Yep, this is it” replied Spectrum in the driver’s seat.

“Then, why are we not inside?” asked Etch in an angry tone

“Not allowed in, its women only in there” said Spectrum

“Well my girl is inside there and I want some fucking answers now!” Yelled Etch and he stepped out of the vehicle.

Mastercrap Theater #7

And now for your reading pleasure The Infection presents ‘Snowflake’ Chapter 7

-Snowflake : Chapter 7-

Etch and Sketch, two lovers, young and ambitious members of A-Soul. They were almost like their own unit of two, they could never not be seen together. They ate together, slept together, wept together, they did everything together. Their love was something so simple that it could not be understood by all, even Script X himself and he wrote romance stories. This night winter had come again and one year had passed since the events that had set this story in motion had taken place. The lake had frozen over and the two lovers hugged close for comfort from the cold winds as they looked on at the lights of the city. Etch was the boy and Sketch was the girl, when they were together they were in a whole different world.

“Hey Etch?” asked Sketch.

“What’s up?” replied Etch.

“What if we decided to go off somewhere and be alone” said Sketch

“Funny, we usually find a lot of places to go alone” said Etch in a joking manner

“No” she said as she hit him “Not like that”

“Then what do you mean alone?” asked Etch

“I mean…Let’s go far away, away from A-Soul, away from Poison or Spectrum, away from all of this” said Sketch

“Why?” asked Etch

“Because…they just…I don’t know” she said

“Well, we can always leave when we want, they won’t care but we won’t be able to escape A-Soul. To be honest, I don’t even see why we need to leave, they don’t bother us and we don’t bother them” said Etch

With a heavy “sigh” Sketch got up off the bench they were sitting at and walked off towards the subway. Etch quickly followed. The winter winds blew and Sketch’s long white hair blew in the wind as she walked, the wind blew in her steely grey eyes and forced tears to come out, she wore a black pair of cargo jeans and had a black sweater on and over it she wore a white vest, on her head she had a black toque with a white A-Soul insignia on it. She kept walking and then went into a run; she was cold and wanted to get to the subway quick. She could see the stairs going into the underground and quickly slid down the railing. She was in a food court and it smelt of sweets and treats that tickled her fancy, just as she realized she was hungry, she remembered her boyfriend. She turned around to see him there, right behind her as always. Etch looked into her eyes and saw the tears but before he could ask why she was crying she asked

“Wanna get something to eat? I’m in the mood for something sweet” said Sketch

This request was unusual for Sketch since she never liked sweet things but he did not want to disappoint her so he agreed and they went and got some Cinnabons. Etch loved to watch her eat. She ate like a stereotypical guy, quickly chewed up everything in sight, it was a wonder to him how she was so slim. Etch spent so much time watching her he never touched his cinnabon and Sketch took it for him but she was still hungry after so she dragged him to Subway. He bought two foot long subs and once again she ate her own and half of his then she ate her bag of chips and his cookies. Etch sat and ate his food as he thought about what could be bothering Sketch so much that she was on an eating binge now and he waited for the next request for food but she just sat there and listened to music on her MP3 player. Etch was worried now, she wasn’t talking to him, she was eating like a starved animal and she had just gotten up and walked away on him at the park, maybe it was that time of the month or maybe it was because he didn’t totally agree with her on leaving the rest of A-Soul. Thoughts raced through his mind as he slowly ate his food then Sketch suddenly took his sandwich from his hands and finished it for him.

“Lets go on the train” she simply said with a mouth full of food and she walked off with her drink in hand towards the trains.

Etch followed but this time he did not pay for this expense, she did. They went onto the train and saw it was full of Graffiti, mostly by A-Soul members that they knew and some of it was their own graffiti. Etch looked around and was wondering what to talk to her about but this was one of those times where he thought it best to be silent. Sketch and Etch sat on the train in silence for 2 hours and watched as people went on and off the train until they arrived at the last stop and they had to get off.

“That was fun” said Sketch as she got off the train and stretched

“Yeah, it was…” replied Etch

“What’s wrong?” asked Sketch as she stopped walking”

“Nothing…” replied Etch

“Doesn’t sound like nothing” said Sketch

“Hey, where are we?” asked Etch, quickly changing the subject.

“I think, we’re somewhere near Cartel territory…” said Sketch

“Damn! What time is it?” asked Etch

“Round midnight” said Sketch

“Fuck! All the trains going back are gone now” said Etch

“Looks like we sleep out tonight” said Sketch coolly

“Not here…” said Etch “A girl as pretty as you would probably get raped”

“Go figure, typical male behavior, you think you have to protect me cause I’m a woman” said sketch

“No, I’ve got to help protect you since you are my best friend” replied Etch

“You’re starting to sound like Poison…” said Sketch

“Huh?” said a surprised Etch

“Yeah, you sounded like Poison but your acting like Spectrum” she replied

“That’s just the way I am” said Etch

Before Sketch was able to reply, the lights in the underground went out and voices could be heard in the darkness. Shrill voices filled the air as three girls on roller blades came down the steps. The subway was empty and it was only the five people in the subway. The three girls were all in black, they wore black matching outfits that looked like catholic school uniforms, short skirts and all. They rolled around the two lovers in a circle. Etch and Sketch decided to ignore them and walked forward when they were blocked by the three girls.

“Wanna let us pass?” asked Etch

“No” said the first of the three, she had black hair and was wearing green contact lenses with a light brown skin.

“And why is that?” asked Sketch, as she put her hands in her cargo jeans pocket to grab hold of a can of spray-paint.

“We’ll let you pass but the cutie stays here” said the second of the three girls, she was a redhead and seemed to be the leader of the group, and she also had light brown skin.

So Sketch went past and walked up the stairs leaving Etch on his own. The lights in the subway then came back on and Etch could see the girls closing in on him.

“Um ladies…what are you doing?” asked Etch

But he got no answer, they rolled around him and they took off his Black vest, the lights went out again and Sketch could hear Etch yelling in a mix of pain and pleasure as she walked up the stairs. She then got a call on her cell phone.

“Yo!” said Sketch as she walked and talked

“Heh, your man is too much fun, Sforza’s waiting for you at his place” replied a female voice on the other side of the line and in the background a man could be heard screaming and girls could be heard giggling.

“Cool” replied Sketch as a real teardrop fell down her cheek.

She was going to Sforza’s place; she was to be the last angel by his request. She knew what she was about to do may hurt Etch if he ever found out but she wanted to escape the influence of Poison and Spectrum, Sforza had enough money to help the lovers escape and he offered it on one condition.

Mastercrap Theater #6

Once again The Infection is proud to present to you yet another installment of Poison Apple’s work, Snowflake. We do hope that you are entertained.

Snowflake Chapter 6

The second snowflake, this is the story. She sat in a pure white room, there was silk streaming around all around her as she danced gracefully and played with the silk. There were open windows in this room and a polished wooden floor. The wind blew as she continued to dance gracefully in the wind as it passed through the room. She wore pure white, no other shades or colours. She had on thigh high stockings, sandals, a skirt and was playing with a white streamer in the wind. She started to move slowly and then she sped up and slowed down again. Her moves were well choreographed and she moved with such grace that even the angels were jealous. She was not only graceful but beautiful, a symbol of one man’s lust. She had long black hair and light caramel brown skin; she was skinny and had long, slender legs and some of the most innocent brown eyes ever known to be seen on this god’s green earth. She danced and danced until she could no longer dance and she plopped down onto a pile of pure white pillows in the center of the room. She laid and rested on the floor while watching the door, expecting to see someone pop through it, as always, she was right. There was a great wooden door at the entrance to the room and it took at least two people to manually open it, there was a great heave and the door opened, casting a great wind over the room, blowing back her hair and sending dust into her eyes. She knew that these guests were not expected as she had not opened the door for them herself. There were two men standing at the door and she knew that they were people that she had seen before but she did not wish to remember where from. One was wearing a old black bandana and had a black suit on with a white under shirt, the other had a white under shirt on also but was wearing a open jersey and black jeans. They walked into the room and the door automatically closed behind them with a loud “bang”.

“Who are you people?” asked the dancer.

“Hmph, I’m not surprised that you don’t remember” said the man in the suit.

“No need to be so cruel to an angel Poison, you’ll go to hell” said the man in the jeans.

“Script, we’re already living in hell, might as well make the best of it” replied the one called Poison.

“I’ll quote you on that” said Script

“What do you people want here?” asked the dancer

“Poison, can you leave us for a bit?” said Script

“Hmph” was the only response from Poison and he walked out the door.

“So Dust…if I can call you that, I have something I need to tell you” began Script

“And that is?”

“I-I have a lot of…um… Difficult to say feelings for you” he stammered out.

“Continue” she coolly said with amusement.

“And I want to ask if you might want to…uh…um…”

“Come out with it and then get out of my studio you weirdo” she yelled.

There was a moment of silence before he then gestured for her to wait a moment. He needed to collect his thought.

Script then sat down on the floor in front of her and turned his back to her. His mind was racing with thoughts and he decided to turn back around and closed his eyes. He was about to ask his question when he was disturbed. The door opened and then Poison and a whole bunch of A-Soul members were storming the room.

“We gotta go!” said Poison

“What, why!?” asked Script

“No time, take the girl with us people, I’ll tell you on the way to the hospital Script”

“Hospital?!” replied Script “What the fuck!”

The others grabbed Script and ran out leaving Poison alone with the girl.

“Did he at least tell you what we needed from you?” asked Poison

“No” replied the girl “He actually had business with me?” she asked.

“He didn’t tell you, well long story short we got a job for ya” he replied “You coming willingly?” asked Poison

“What will you do if I don’t?” asked Dust

“I’ll have to knock yo ass out” he casually replied

“Your friend wont like that” said the girl

“I don’t really care” replied Poison “you know what he was going to ask, right?” he asked

“Yeah, and I’ll come to see if I can get him to ask” she said

“I could just tell him you said no” said Poison

“No, it wouldn’t mean anything coming from you and how do you even know if I’ll say no” said Dust as she pulled back her black hair.

“I don’t know I just assumed the most logical answer, that’s all” said Poison and he ran out the door with her right behind him.

At the hospital, Sforza, the old man was clinging to life and had run out of strength just as he had finished his first snowflake. It was a solemn moment as members of A-Soul gathered around his bedside and awaited his self foreseen death. Enzo wept at his bedside and the doctor kept saying that he was sorry; there was nothing he could do but have his friends and family around him for his death. Spectrum was there and a band played lively music to try to decrease the negative energy in the room but death could still be felt as his chilly hand reached out for the old man’s soul. Script ran into the room and saw the old man in a bed, and then he quickly took his corner with his unit.

“Where is Poison!” yelled Enzo

“He’s coming” Script said simply

“He should have been the first here!” yelled out Enzo

Poison then walked into the room and joined his unit as they prayed for the master Sforza’s life.

“The man isn’t dead yet, why are you people mourning already!” yelled Poison

“Look at him, my master…Sforza….why you of all the people, why?!” sobbed Enzo into the bed sheets.

They all stood over Sforza watching as he struggled with each breath that he took and they all watched in fear. The room was silent except for Spectrums unit; they were an exception since they were all about noise. Then Spectrum decided to break the silence of the other units.

“Hey, Script, you go and get refuse by de gyal yet?” asked Spectrum in a joking way

“Oh shit! I forgot about that with this going on” said Script, and then the same girl of subject walked into the room and a miracle occurred at that moment.

Sforza’s breathing quickened and his heart rate went up then went down to normal and his breathing went down to normal, suddenly as if he were 50 years younger he got up and looked squarely at the girl. He eyed her for a whole minute and she eyed him, staring straight into eachothers eyes. She stayed where she was and his hand reached out towards her but she would not touch the old man.

“My second?” said Sforza

There was silence as all eyes in the room were on the girl. They all saw her radiance before them, all except Poison, a bitter and cold Poison. The silence was then broken when Sforza let loose a foul wind that choked all the people in the room and twisted their faces in disgust. All faces except Poison, who had already been disgusted by Sforza’s new muse. This was the second snowflake.

Mastercrap Theater #5

A Warning/Disclaimer from Poison: Beware that this week’s chapter has some content that some may find offensive. On my own behalf I apologize for nothing other than the bad writing. On the behalf of The Infection I say that this is art and take it as you will. All in all, reader discretion is advised. Keep me entertained!

Snowflake Chapter 5

The first snowflake of three, this is its story. It had been a few weeks since Sforza had announced that he was beginning a new collection and many jewel enthusiasts had heard. As expected, there were many offers already made to fund the creation of the jewels and well as house them in private collections.

One of these jewel enthusiasts who had heard about Sforza’s new creation was living right down the block from him. In a large mansion nearby sat the city’s new cartel king and sadistic brother of Antonia and Michelle, Matthew.

It had been weeks since Sforza had first began drawing his jewels and news had caught on, the cruel brother still had his sisters locked up in the basement but still alive. He treated his own flesh and blood like dogs in his basement; they were locked up, given minimal amounts of food and a weekly check-up by a doctor who was well paid to keep his mouth shut.

Matthew sat in his couch and watched on television as Entertainment Tonight talked about Sforza’s history as a jewel maker and how rare his jewels were. In Sforza’s entire career he had sold only four jewels and they were all considered to be some of the most beautiful jewels ever made. It was rumoured that in his entire collection he had hundreds more rare jewels and all more beautiful than the rest. As a jewel maker, one jewel failed in comparison of beauty to the next. Matthew turned off the T.V as he heard the one last piece of information about Sforza; he was currently a member of A-Soul.

The tall bony man then went to see his now shattered twin sisters in the basement and jack off while watching them tortured by his whores. He walked into the newly redesigned basement and went into a hidden door behind a bookcase, which had two pale white women tied naked to chairs.

“Ho!” Said Mathew as he walked into the room and slapped the ass of one of his hoes. He then sat down behind a large oak desk as a one of the whores in the room then laid out a line of cocaine for him to savagely snort.

“Go fuck yourself” Came the voice of a savage Michelle.

“Heh, I like the newfound resilience in you” Replied Matthew as he looked up from the desk “I think I might actually get hard today, it’s been a while”

“You’re a sick Fuck Matt” said a weak voice from Antonia.

“And you, still resistant to the end, I’ve always liked you” replied Matthew as his pants were being undid by a whore “but I think it’s time for me to get rid of you guys”.

The twins looked at each other at this news but did not get excited. It may have been another way of him increasing their hopes and then shattering them while he got a good stiff one off their pain. The torture went on that night but they were well broken into the pain and they no longer were able to feel anything. At the end they laughed.

“God damn, you running out of ideas Matt” said Antonia as she smirked. She couldn’t raise her head but she knew that he was grinding his teeth.

“Hit them harder!” Matthew screamed to the whore who was whipping them. She responded by beating at the twins but she couldn’t get a yelp out of them.

“Damn!” Yelled out Mathew “frigging well hit them harder!” he said to the whores who were torturing them, but the hitting did not work, their spirits were dead and they were no good to him anymore. They were dragged off and away to the beach when the night ended.

“Well it looks like you’ve outlived your purpose sisters” said Mathew “But since I’m such a nice brother, I’m not going to kill you”.

The two sisters were on a boat with Matt and they knew he was going to push them overboard to sink or swim in the cold spring waters.

“Instead, I’ll let the ocean do that instead” said Matthew and with that they went overboard and it was quick and painless, for one of them. Antonia didn’t have enough strength to give a fight after she was dropped into the water but Michelle did not notice this until she got to land, her shadow was gone and now she was all alone.

Mathew had decided to keep his word and did not come after her since he was on the boat getting it off on the death of her sister and did not care about her right now. Michelle was on a beach and a cold wind was blowing as she laid on the beach in the dark, there was a light on the beachfront and by this light was an old man who called out to her in the darkness in a funny old accent. Sforza had found his first snowflake.

Mastercrap theater #4

So this week we return with yet another thrilling installment of Snowflake. As we dive deeper into the mind of Poison and the world of Snowflake we find ourselves with a new player on the stage in this week’s chapter. So now behold the next installment of Snowflake!

-Snowflake chapter 4-
There was a jewel maker, his name was Sforza and he was old, probably the oldest member of A-Soul. The jewellery he forged with his hands were so beautiful that Poison himself said that his jewels were not worthy of this Earth or the hands of the greedy and rich. Sforza was not a sickly old man and on this day, a fine spring day, he sat with his friend Uncle Leong playing a game of Chess while some of the younger artists of A-Soul quietly watched his game and examined his preliminary sketches in his great library of his own work.

Meanwhile, Antonia and her sister were being tortured by their older brother in their basement. They had been repeatedly raped by other members of the cartel on the orders of their supposed brother who was the new leader. The old man had many children and within his group he had a collection of his own children doing his dirty work and dirty little deeds for him. This new leader was much crueler than the last but he was into loyalty and he was very loyal to his father. After the old man died, the bounty on A-Soul was dropped and members were slowly pouring back into the streets of the city above the basement the sisters were in.

On this fine day Sforza with his great wisdom lost to a man of even greater wisdom and accepted his defeat. Uncle Leong graciously won his game and left after some tea and a good discussion of philosophy for the afternoon. On this fine day was the day that Sforza would begin his last great creation, The Snowflakes. A cold wind whipped in through the window of his home and he looked towards the east, where the wind came from, and he felt weak, he felt that his time was coming soon but not tonight.

Antonia and Michelle were bloody, battered and pale in the basement that now belonged to their older half-brother. They had been deprived of food and water for days now and were on the verge of death. Everything was a blur to them and they were now being dragged somewhere. They were being taken to a large shower, they smelt food, it was stale but it was still food. The stale bread was thrown into the shower and then they were too, they immediately dragged themselves to the bread and began to gorge on the meal of stale bread but their mouths were still parched and some of their wounds still fresh when gushing hot water was turned on and all that could be heard were screams. Their sadistic brother was watching them but they did not care. He was a tall blonde gaunt man, his coral green eyes stayed fixated on them as they writhed and twitched in pain. He was right at the shower door and he took pleasure in their screams as he called a whore to begin to suck his dick as he listened and watched them scream.

Meanwhile, Sforza was now looking sitting out on his deck. It was night and Uncle Leong had long left, many of the other A-Soul members had come and gone for the day and it was now night. There was a cold wind that night as Sforza sat down and sketched his final work in progress and the old man shivered as the wind whipped him, why he didn’t just simply go inside? Who knows, Sforza was a knowledgeable old man and he had many members who respected him more than Script, Poison or Spectrum and had sworn loyalty to him as his students. On this night he called to his most trusted student, an artist by the name of Enzo.

“Enzo!” the old German man called in his thick accent, “Come and see this” he said.

A tall young Brazilian boy came to him and asked “What is it that you need master Sforza?”

“Enzo, look at this, tell me what is it that you think when looking at it?” asked the old man.

Enzo looked at the sketch and his eyes widened.

“M-m-master Sforza, do you really plan on making this?” asked the boy

“Why the hell would I draw it if I don’t plan on making it boy!” Said Sforza and he hit the boy with the sketchbook and laughed. Enzo sighed and then left the old man to sketch once more.

“Master Sforza may be wise but he’s insane” Enzo thought to himself as he walked away.


And that was this weeks installment of Snowflake! Be sure to check The Infection again next week when we update you with more Snowflake. And now a word from Poison Apple, creator of Snowflake.

-A word from Poison-

So yeah, here I am, so many years later and I’ve finally gone and made my work more public. I remember writing this when I was a little older than 16 maybe…I look back on this and think to myself ‘what a sad little imagination’. I wanted to post the story in it’s original format because it would be disrespectful to the artist I was back then. Although we are one in the same person, I have to acknowledge that I have changed alot over the years and I no longer write like this, thus why I am unable to edit it since my ideas and way of thinking has somewhat changed. I remember writing this when I was going through some  personal shit and back then I was very bad at expressing my emotions to others but it always comes out through my art. Still, for a byproduct of some minor personal problems I think that the story turned out well and now it just evolved into an entire world for me. I’ve grown a bit more since the conception of the world of snowflake and the world has grown with me. I could have simply introduced you all to Snowflake from where it is now but I think that it’s best for me to take you all through the world on the same path I went on until you reach me. Dont worry though, it’ll be soon when you reach me and get to the real good stuff. Keep me entertained!

Mastercrap theater #3

Now for another thrilling installment of Snowflake!

-Snowflake chapter 3-

Now A-Soul had a cartel princess as a bargaining chip and the streets were ready to explode in war. A-Soul no longer had interest in the city or obtaining any territory there, but they did have an idea of where they wanted to go and they did need money. After the skating rink bombing the group had been somewhat inactive but there was a war brewing. Poison of A-soul was on one side of the war and he was just like himself, a watchdog waiting to chew up anything that comes his way. The other side was an entire cartel and they were very angry, but things were going to change soon enough.

Antonia walked into the cold dark dimly lit basement of her employers’ home. She wore a black track suit and in her hand a gun was being held. It was a 9mm and it was well loaded, she was intent on killing that night. Her gun was silenced and well visible in her right hand, she walked down a long, dimly lit corridor with a door at the end. It was all a very cliché scene in her mind.

She got to the door and stood there with the gun in her hand, thinking of the rest of her plan and going through the simulated chain of events in her head. She would walk in and roll to the side as her employers’ gunmen would shoot at her and then she would take her chance to give the old man a good clean shot to the head and end it all, but it wouldn’t work out that way. She knew that, but secretly hoped it did work that way like in the movies.

Another set of steps could be heard behind Antonia and she turned around with her gun pointed toward the person who was making the steps. It was only her sister, Michelle, she was the bosses’ whore of sorts, she sucked his dick and the old man gave her money. Michelle was Antonia twin sister and a surprise fact; they were both alleged daughters of the old man. The old man denied his fathering of them but took care of them and as they got older he took ‘liberties’ with them. The twins stood face to face and looked at each other.

“Hey sis, gonna shoot your own sister?” asked Michelle in a joking manner.

“Naw, your my twin, I might not like you but it’s like killing my own shadow, no fun” replied Antonia.

“What you planning to do with that?” asked Michelle as she pointed to the gun in her sister’s hand.

“Put him out of his misery” Antonia replied, coldly.

There was a moment of silence between them as they stood staring at each other. It was ice blue eyes looking into ice blue eyes as none of them spoke.


Michelle began to break the silence but was interrupted when a shot could be heard from the room she was being barred from by her sibling.

They both ran into the room to see the old man face flat on his desk. There was a pool of blood and a lot of cocaine on the desk along with a gun that could be seen on the floor which cried out of one scenario. The main fact of the situation was that someone had beat Antonia to the punch and it was the old man.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the city, in an old motel, A-Soul had taken over and had left their trail of graffiti for their newfound enemies to follow. The motel owner was a leftover hippie and was ‘digging’ the new look that A-Soul had given to the place, they had offered to clean up the graffiti before they left but the hippie landlord insisted on not cleaning it up and so things were good.

Since they had spruced up the place in their unique fashion, they all were staying for free but they were running out of places to vandalize and Poison’s unit was getting restless, along with Poison himself.

There was no good internet connection so both Script X and Spectrum’s units were also getting restless in the old motel since they both had no way of getting updates in the music world and no way to update the writing archives on the site.

The reason why they were outside of the city? They were trying to avoid trouble and the bounty that had been put out on their heads by the cartel boss. The bounty was $500.00 USD, this may seem like a small sum to catch all of A-Soul but the thing about this problem was the ultimatum that was given to them. The price on their heads was $500.00 USD, per-member that was brought to the cartel boss dead or with information on where the leaders were…worldwide.

Even though A-Soul has no leader or leaders there was a separate price put on Spectrum, Script X and Poison’s heads, 1,000,000.00 USD each. Sadly for A-Soul, many members had already been killed as soon as the news of a bounty that big was out on the streets. People from the lowest of all criminals to the highest profile assassins were out for them. It was a sad day for A-Soul just knowing that their brothers and sisters all over the world were being killed and it took an even bigger effect on the million dollar babies, Poison, Script and Spectrum.

They desperately wanted to go back to the city and face death but they knew it would do nothing since someone else would willingly rise in their places and try to avenge them. They still had the cartel bosses daughter and they had not touched her in any way, shape or form since they were too disgusted with her father to want anything to do with her. The group had contemplated killing her many times already but she was a bargaining chip and they weren’t about to give her up and stop the killing.

The entire group worldwide was not about to give up to guns or the weapons of mortal men. Too bad for A-Soul that they didn’t know that the girl was useless as of a few minutes ago and the bounty had been dropped since the old man who hunted them was dead.