Only in Dreams

We all have dreams, no matter who we are or how old we are we all will dream of something. Don’t confuse the dreams I speak of with ambitions or goals in life because not all of us have goals in life outside of the basic need to survive. I can’t really count the basic need to survive as a goal in life because instinct drives us to try doing that no matter what. The dreams I speak of are the ones we all have when we sleep. Continue reading

“Theory” of Evolution (for all you dumb shits out there).

Hello everyone! Solstice here, and I’m here to clear the air about one thing, that bugged the hell out of me, when I worked at the Christian tree farm before I got laid off because of various reasons.

Theory” of Evolution.

And because these aren’t regular Christians, they’re Christian twits, they won’t bother to learn the scientific lingo when it comes to discussing scientific findings, and blah.

Fuck, I hated those idiots, and how they wouldn’t listen when I explained to them the following. Continue reading

A Simple Question About Time Travel

I’ve been watching an anime called “Steins;Gate” of late and I’ve found it to be quite entertaining. Outside of my recent relapse on the drug that is Japanese Animation, I’ve found myself playing with theories of time travel again. This is probably due to the nature of the anime I’m watching. In the series, a group of students manage to successfully send messages/information to the past. I won’t go into tedious details, but it eventually leads them into a butterfly effect scenario where our protag is the only one who remembers changes to the event horizon. Simply entertaining for those of you who like to lightly dabble in theories of time travel. Continue reading