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Socially Aware Asshole

Of late people have become more socially aware. This is wonderful. People all around me are becoming aware of some of the injustices that we allow to carry on within our society on a daily basis. In our art, entertainment, politics and culture in general we’ve begun to audit ourselves in order to make sure that these injustices dont carry on. Too bad its also led to us becoming horribly afraid to go out and create art for the sake of self expression.

Now, I know im going to offend some people today but it was this post that made me just need to go off on some mother fuckers. I would like to direct your attention to the picture below.

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Would you die for your art?

In light of the recent Charlie Hebdo attacks I’ve heard a question being asked among many of my artist colleagues. ‘Would you die for your art?’ and my answer is a solid ‘No’. Read the rest of this entry

Booze, Pancakes and the Return of A-Soul

Aww yeah bitches! We’re back and it’s for good this time.

So what have we been up to for the past year and change? We have photographic evidence of our escapades for those of you who are interested 🙂 Nothing NSFW sadly but these pics are pretty hot nonetheless.
Otherwise, we’re growing up now and moving on to bigger better things. Hell, we’re on our way to becoming a legitimate business and soon enough you all will get to see it. Still, thanks for all the support y’all have given us and we’re looking forward to keeping you entertained for a very long time to come. Now onto the article! Read the rest of this entry

New Contest for Fan Expo 2013


That special time in my life- My 20’s

Alright people, so I read this article recently on my Facebook feed and there were some points that stuck out to me. Therefore I suggest you give it a quick read since I did find it mildly entertaining.

Now that you have read it you realize that there are some points where the article becomes a load of shit. This is something I knew while reading the article and I usually skipped over the stuff that I thought was complete and utter bullshit but I would not share this article with you if I did not see the merit in some of the points made throughout the article. Therefore, I am going to deconstruct this article piece by piece and sort out what I believe to be bullshit from the truthful points of the article. Read the rest of this entry

Finally! My pics and only video from thi

Finally! My pics and only video from this years Anime North. Otherwise, spread the word to your friends, enemies and members of the press! Thanks to all of you who actually came out and hung out. Congrats to all the vendors and cosplayers on a job well done!

Anime North 2013!

Alright people, so welcome one and all to what may one day be the greatest site in the history of mankind!
It’s been a while but we’re back with the yearly update from our trip to Anime North. As many of you all know, we haven’t been nearly as active in the last year for various reasons but we’re getting back on track with everything and soon enough we’ll be throwing more posts in your direction than you know what the hell to do with.

Outside of that, we only went to Anime North for the Saturday this year instead of the entire weekend…Something that we regret but will rectify at this years Fan Expo in Toronto. That being said, we did try to get a few snapshots for you to look at and we even have a nice little video for you to entertain yourself with here. We also get a look at our very own Cronus, finally in video after all these years.

Now try to be good and most of all…

Keep us entertained!

Entertain us people! How goes it?

Entertain us people! How goes it?

Help Tabitha Paxton go to school! Support her work!

So I’m no advertising expert but I know that in order to sell something you usually need some kind of picture of the product being sold if you dont have the product itself. That being said, examine exhibit A. Read the rest of this entry

Something worth a read

Wassup people!
So it’s 9am where I am now and since most of you dont know me all too well I’ll inform you of the fact that I am absolutely not a morning person. Alas, I wont go into my morning woes and i’ll get right to the point of this article. The point of this is to inform you all of reading material some of us here (mostly myself) at A-Soul find worth reading. This isn’t a book review but an attempt to promote the works of authors we find interesting. This week we’re kicking off this new segment with a lovely little Korean manga or ‘Manwha’ that I have fallen in love with called ‘Girls of the Wilds’. Read the rest of this entry

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