We’re Watching You

Friends, enemies and members of the press… We’re watching you. We’ve been doing it for years but now we’re ready to shake things up a bit.  How are we going to do this in 2018? The easy way, with money. We’re gonna make it rain on some damn good artists because we’re bored and great art entertains us. Especially when it’s art tailored to our unique and exquisite tastes.

Artist Soul Entertainment has undergone some severe re-branding since it’s launch and as a part of the renewed Artist Soul experience we’re focused less on producing in house and letting some other talent take the wheel. Remember how we keep telling you guys to ‘Keep us entertained’? Well now let poppa Apple educate you on how to keep us entertained.

Enrich, Enlighten, Entertain. You must, at minimum, do any one of these three things for us with your content and we will support it. That’s no guarantee of our support but if you can do one of these three things then you’re guaranteed to get our attention. Yes, that’s right folks, we’re looking to fund some projects in any way we can. We want to throw it up for some of the sickest artists we can find!

I’m out here looking and meeting some dope artists who aren’t exactly in need of representation but I do want to show them some love. In an effort to fulfill this goal we’re going to do our best to showcase commissioned artwork from talented artists/entertainers of multiple disciplines.

We don’t really have a standard for deciding who we want to support other than asking ourselves ‘Does it entertain us?’ . So don’t get offended if we don’t want to put our backing behind your friend who draws My Little Pony: Friendship is magic porn. The point of keeping us entertained is that it entertains us and that is the only standard we will follow for giving our support to anyone.

So in order to avoid confusion, for now you can consult my deviantart saved favorites for a fairly accurate idea of what I personally look for in the art I enjoy. I can’t speak for Cronus, Lionel or Solstice but they’ll be around with their shopping lists soon enough.

If you find you don’t like our tastes then obviously you’re running with the wrong crowd here at A-Soul but the rest of you are more than welcome to stay and let them know…Keep us entertained!

That special time in my life- My 20’s

Alright people, so I read this article recently on my Facebook feed and there were some points that stuck out to me. Therefore I suggest you give it a quick read since I did find it mildly entertaining.

Now that you have read it you realize that there are some points where the article becomes a load of shit. This is something I knew while reading the article and I usually skipped over the stuff that I thought was complete and utter bullshit but I would not share this article with you if I did not see the merit in some of the points made throughout the article. Therefore, I am going to deconstruct this article piece by piece and sort out what I believe to be bullshit from the truthful points of the article. Continue reading

Something worth a read

Wassup people!
So it’s 9am where I am now and since most of you dont know me all too well I’ll inform you of the fact that I am absolutely not a morning person. Alas, I wont go into my morning woes and i’ll get right to the point of this article. The point of this is to inform you all of reading material some of us here (mostly myself) at A-Soul find worth reading. This isn’t a book review but an attempt to promote the works of authors we find interesting. This week we’re kicking off this new segment with a lovely little Korean manga or ‘Manwha’ that I have fallen in love with called ‘Girls of the Wilds’. Continue reading

Gundam Series Mobile Suits as Cars/Trucks!

How this post came about is a weird story; on the way back from lunch this week the members of A-Soul were discussing various Gundams, their respective series and various types of mobile suits and their characteristics when we started to compare them to vehicles, and the conversation was very debated on why a certain vehicle matched up with a certain mobile suit, thus I decided to give the audience a post on what started out as A-Soul vehicle banter. Some of pairs will have an explanation.

Continue reading

New Project in the works

Hey people, its Poison here with your daily update.

Nothing useful to say for today other than we have a new project in the works that will bring about alot of changes. Dont worry, it wont be like our changes in the past that were sudden and painful for some but I can guarantee that its going to be good. It involves the formation of a brand spanking new blog, merchandise and the addition of new faces to the crew. Yes, we can guarantee that this change is going to be glorious.

Other than me coming here to wave my cock in your face, I also have the theme song for this month that has absolutely nothing to do with the theme this month. Damn you Gotye for getting stuck in my head, … NOW YOU ALL SUFFER.

More updates on the situation tomorrow, be sure that by the end of the week the new blog will launch so keep a good lookout on the various media outlets we pollute. Heck, we might even have a party to celebrate the fact that we will now have merchandise to sell.

Keep us entertained.

Please stop the music if you’re going to keep dancing…

Welcome to A-Soul, I’m Poison Apple here with you and I’m going to talk about dancing. I’m guessing that a lot of you who read this blog fit into one of two categories when it comes to dancing.

Category a) ‘I can’t dance’- You’re one of those people who go to a party and spend the entire night either on the side of the dance floor watching others make complete asses of themselves or you just don’t even try to put effort into dancing and barely move when you do get on the floor.

Category b)’ I only dance when I’m drunk’- You need a few too many drinks before you get the courage to get up and dance. At that point you’re too drunk to give a shit about what the hell is happening to realize how much of an ass you’re making out of yourself.

Finally…there’s the last category of people who we know out there for being the most fly, fuckable and fantastic on the dance floor. You all know that one friend who always has the latest and hottest dance move learned when it’s popular?  That person who everyone thinks looks really cool but the truth is that if you’re completely out of touch with what’s ‘hot’ right now they look like a complete ass to you. Well this post is about those people and all the dance moves I think are fucking obscene. Continue reading

March on to the beat!

Get it guys?! ‘March’ on to the beat because the month is March and the theme for this month is music! Yeah yeah…I know the pun was bad but fuck it if I care, it feels good to be back on the show floor again with you all. It’s time for yet another year of broken promises and dreams as well as possible ruptured organs here at Artist soul entertainment. I’m Poison Apple, founder and leader of this intelligent bunch. You can also refer to us as your future rulers or the new world order. Continue reading