Member Listing

We’ve had many friends and crew members come and go from our ranks but these are the four who will always remain. Lionel, Cronus, Solstice and Poison. The original founding fathers of A-Soul. This house is ours, from now until the end of time. Keep us entertained!


Darryl ‘Poison’ Apple- Founder of Artist Soul Entertainment alongside Lionel, Cronus and Solstice. If you want the creative powerhouse of the group then he is the man to call.  Artistically and mentally he’s all over the place. He is self proclaimed as the world’s most vicious and ambitious man. If there’s something he really wants then there’s nothing that will stop him from getting it. You can read his posts or look at the group channel to see more from him.

Lionel Heart- The second founder of Artist Soul Entertainment. Also, the man you dont want to mess with on any day that ends with ‘y’. Lionel is the Spock on our ship, he should be captain yet we dont know why he isn’t. An intelligent man with a lot to say, he doesn’t mince words or beat around the bush. All in all, he’ll definitely keep you entertained.

Cronus- The third member of our little ship, he would be the ‘Bones’ McCoy of the ship…either that or Mr. Sulu. It’s up for debate. He works behind the scenes and does a little bit of everything here and there. Even the occasional post every now and then.

Solstice-  Since she’s the only woman on the ‘ship’ at the moment it would be typical to assume her default role as that of Uhura but she’s actually our Chekov. She’s the second official word on music among a bunch of other issues.  Be sure, she’ll keep you all entertained!


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