Taking a ‘break’

Ight its Nate here from FolksOnBlast TV checkin’ in for The Infection on “Breaks”. I’ve asked time and time again WTF IS A BREAK. Over time I’ve learned that a break can be a lot of things. Either way they all start the same way. Some one wanting time away from there partner. In a way time away from your partner can be a good thing at times, it gives you time to think about what you really want for each other and yourselves.

Me personally, I think that breaks are good because I like knowing that my girl is still there but yet we get the time to focus on the other important things in life. Lets face it love can only take you so far you need other things to back yourselves up.

There are ups and downs to a break. Ups being you get the time to focus on other things that are important and still have your relationship when you’re ready to continue with no fear of anything.

The down side is that if your relationship isn’t strong enough for a break don’t expect to come back to a relationship cause ‘break’ is the nice way of saying we’re over.

Let me know what u guys think about breaks hit me up on FolksOnBlast Tv


Costa Rica School building fund results

Well dear readers, we here at The Infection have to humbly apologize and thank you all for your support in the ‘Costa Rica School building fundraiser’.

We have decided to end our collection early since we were not recieving donations and as it is right now we are dangerously understaffed to handle such a task. We do wish to thank those of you who donated to us and we do hope that we can have your support in the future. >N@T3< currently is the one in charge of the charity operation but since he is away on business he is unable to provide the information on who exactly donated as well as how much was made in grand total. The Infection can report that on it’s own it collected a grand total of $25 CDN through anonymous donations.

Once again thank you all, we do hope for your support again in the future and keep us entertained, enriched and enlightened while we’re here!

Flirting for Dummies part 2- The Approach, the conversation and the closer…with Poison

Welcome one and all to the second session of our lecture on the art of ‘woo’. For those of you who missed last week’s lesson please refer to Flirting for Dummies part 1 for the previous lesson. Last week we covered the importance of the attire as well as appearance. Earlier this week professor >N@T3< introduced the class to part 2 while giving a short recap on some points we missed in part 1 like the importance of smell and the importance of timing which I, Poison, will be going over with you in class today.

To begin, you have the approach. There are many ways to approach someone and try to spark up conversation but first you must evaluate the situation. Remember that there is a time and place for everything and please use your common sense in deciding if approaching this person at said time is the right time or place. Here is my advice in deciding if it is the right time or place for ‘the approach’.

Are they alone or are they in a group? This is utterly important to remember. My advice is to wait until they are alone or away from their group. This rule applies to both sexes. If you’re shot down then it’s the best way to preserve your pride because there isn’t an audience. In some cases it can make you look ‘brave’ to approach someone while they’re in a group but it’s not guaranteed. Your best bet is to approach them while they’re alone. If you are with a group and you can convince them to follow you on your ‘approach’ then you may stand a chance of getting somewhere with this person. This is only due to the fact that your group can distract the other group long enough for you to approach your prospect target. Once again this approach is not a guaranteed pass and your best bets are to wait until they are alone. Also, if you see they look smitten with someone at the moment then please don’t be a cock and approach them still.

Do they look like they’re in a good mood? There are some people in this world who do not know how to take a hint and read facial expressions. I will admit I’ve been guilty of purposefully approaching someone who looks like they are in a bad mood but that’s only because I like trouble. If you like trouble then you can do as I do and jump into the rings of fire otherwise…read the person’s facial expression. Is their brow creased? Do they look constipated or worried? Are they sweating yet it isn’t hot? Take a minute or so before you approach the person to evaluate their mood. Sometimes we can be completely wrong about what mood they may be in but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Evaluate the setting. What environment are you in at the time? Take a look around you. This is a good way to decide what you want to talk about when you approach this person. If you’re in a book store then you look at what section they’re in. For example. I see a cute girl in the eastern philosophy section of Chapters, I casually walk over and then somehow spark up conversation about Taoism or something like that…By evaluation of your environment you also find out if it’s even a good idea to talk to this person at all. A few wrong settings to hit on someone are at work, hospitals, and strip clubs and in the middle of a test or exam. You could hit on someone in any given setting but if you fail to get the results you want, then you know why.

What are they doing? If they look busy then don’t approach them, you are more likely to annoy them and get blown off. If you see someone you like and they happen to be doing homework, talking on the phone, working at work and or some activity that denotes that they are busy- please don’t approach. Not only do you look rude but it’s annoying to have some random jackass approach you while you’re busy. One thing I’ve seen many a man do, I’m speaking specifically to males here, is approach a girl while she’s at work. I personally have never done this since I know that they’re there to do business and I respect anyone who is working and wish to allow them to do their job without interruption for something as trivial as me hitting on them. It’s the people who are inconsiderate enough to hit on someone while they are working that really annoy me. If you must hit on someone in any of the above outlined situations then please feel free to do so but please don’t hit on someone while they are working. This includes waitresses and waiters at restaurants…it’s tempting but please resist, it’s just an issue of courtesy.

Next, you have the actual approach into conversation. Once you have evaluated the situation and made the decision to talk to this person you may make an approach. Remember, you can’t take too long to evaluate the situation because people have lives and time is a factor. Give your clothes a quick dust off, pull out that pack of minty fresh gum that >N@T3< told you about and start chewing a piece then you walk over. Now most people make this sound simple and it is but since you are listening to me I’ll break it down like rocket science for you.

The Walk- you’ve got your good clothes on, you’re chewing that minty gum and your breath smells good so now you need to walk over to the person. Make sure that your walk is natural, don’t fake it. Make sure that your walk is calm and composed. Although you may feel nervous, don’t, it’ll show in your walk. Remember, the only way to know true success is through failure and you’re bound to fail sometime so just accept it before you walk over and you’ll be fine. Stand up straight, good posture helps to improve your figure as well as making you look confident. Note that while standing up straight you don’t want to look stiff and unnatural so be sure to loosen yourself up a bit before walking over.

You’ve completed ‘The Walk’ now it’s time for ‘The Intro’. The intro or the introduction is extremely important. First impressions count for everything so make this count. Before you say anything, please make sure that your voice is as clear and audible as possible. If you slur your speech then please don’t, if you speak using lots of dirty slang then don’t, if you have a really quiet voice then raise the volume a little bit and if you’re loud then lower the volume. What you say is also important; actually it’s probably the most important thing. You can use a pick up line but those are cheesy unless you’re aiming to be funny. You can also comment on how they look. This is a very common approach but note that it should be done tastefully. Females can say just about anything and they can break the ice with a male. Things ranging from ‘I think you’re sexy, what’s your name? ‘To ‘Hi, what’s your name?’ will 8 out of ten times get a positive result for a female. For the males…we walk on thin ice. My personal advice is to stick with a simple ‘Hi’ and your name will usually do followed by a compliment. It’s a good idea to talk about how good she looks and how her good looks made you notice her which is why you had to at least come along and say hello. Tell her that you had to tell her how good she looks just in case someone else hadn’t done it before. Yes…I’ve just given away my stock intro and now it’ll probably never work again but comments around those lines usually deliver good results. After your intro, you ask for a name if things go well and you proceed into ‘the talk’. Remember; be prepared to leave if things don’t work out. During ‘The walk’ you have to mentally prepare yourself to be shot down. It happens, move on.

‘The talk’- now after the intro and ice breaker we have the talk stage. This is where you get to know the person. Questions like “where are you from? “”What do you do for work or school?” and “what brings you here?” are the questions that come up in this stage of operations. >N@T3< mentioned this in his last lesson but I must emphasize this- DO NOT HIT ON THE PERSON. Keep subject matter neutral and if possible keep the conversation short. Even if you have nothing to do, you don’t want to keep their time and it always looks good if you seem purposeful. Another tip is to create an excuse to leave the conversation soon, making you seem very busy but so intrigued by this person is another indirect form of compliment. It’s like saying ‘I’m really busy but you’re so amazing that I have to stop and talk to you’. Please note that if you really are busy then it’s not a good idea to even begin the approach, you want at least 15 minutes of free time open to you. Now ‘The Talk’ should usually last a few minutes and right before you leave ‘in a rush’ you should either leave them your number or ask for theirs. There are advantages to either leaving your number or taking the number. The advantage to leaving your number is that you find out if they’re really interested in you. If they are interested then they will call you and you don’t waste time in trying to talk to them when they’re not interested. The advantage in taking a number is that you now know that this person is remotely interested in you but they now hold the upper hand in this dangerous game since you are expected to call and talk to them. Personally, I find it easier to leave my number since I’m not much of a conversationalist and if someone is calling you then you expect them to do the talking. Otherwise, taking the number leaves the ball in your playing court and how you play I cannot help you. My only advice for phone conversations is to leave it in the neutral zone until the person moves it into the non neutral zone. Conversations in the neutral zone are usually about what they do during the day, hobbies and other common interests you share. You’re leaving the neutral zone when you begin to have conversations about sex, religion, politics and other fairly controversial or personal issues.

Finally, we have ‘The closer’. This is where we complete the whole deal. You approached the person, you talked to them and now you’re good friends. After however long, you feel like you want to make this person special… make them into a boyfriend or girlfriend. I’ve seen cases where this can happen in as short as three days after two people meet each other and lasts for years. In other cases it can take weeks, months and even years before they reach this stage. At this stage is where you want to ask the person you’ve been flirting with to go out with you. In all honesty, as a teacher I must admit I’ve never reached this stage myself since I’ve always been looking for a one night stand. Otherwise, I’ve seen other people reach it so I will share their experiences with this class.

There is a deadline on this stage- most of us have heard of the infamous ‘friend zone’. You can get placed into this area when you wait too long to complete ‘The closer’. The problem with initiation of ‘The closer’ is that it can be hard to know if it is the right time to initiate it. You must pick your timing carefully. If you move in with ‘the closer’ too soon then you run the risk of making things awkward and running your whole operation into a wall. I’ve seen people completely drift apart when someone initiated ‘the closer’ too soon. If you move in too late with ‘the closer’ then you risk emotional damage to your pride in finding out that you have been ‘friend zoned’. There is a chance of rising out of the ‘friend zone’ but It takes lots of time to get out of that area and most people tend to give up when they reach that point. The other problem with ‘the closer’ is that you are rarely ever completely sure of when to initiate it.

Don’t assume or you make an ass of you and me- There are some ‘special’ people in this world who assume that ‘the closer’ was completed a long time ago and that they are going out with this person. Do not assume a damn thing! You make sure that both parties are in agreement to the terms outlined in ‘the closer’.

Do this in person- The closer is not something to do on MSN or over the phone. Yes, it can and has been done but that’s so impersonal. If you’re going to perform something like that then make sure you do it by talking to them IN PERSON. Find a good day, time and place for this and be sure to come alone. This is something you have to do on your own, it’s ok to have friends nearby but not visible for a bit of support but know that you have to fly solo. Also, you have to do it yourself; you can’t send friends to do it for you. If you’re not brave enough to approach this person with ‘The closer’ then the time isn’t right and if you never get the courage to do it then you can hope that this person approaches you instead.

Stay straight and true- There are no fancy lines, no guaranteed ways of success in ‘the closer’ you’ve just gotta be confident and speak the truth. How you really feel. You can get creative with it and find interesting ways to make the person more likely to say yes to you but there are no guarantees. Just use your common sense and remember that you managed to get this far on your own with one person so even if you get refused, you can do it again with someone else even easier this time.

Congratulations you have now graduated from The Infected School of love class of 2009! You have been taught all the basics in finding someone to love and the faculty here hopes that you are successful in your endeavours. Remember that our methods are no guarantee of success but they are only a guide for you to be able to come to your own methods of success. Live long and prosper!

The Great Porn Debate- >N@T3<‘s Argument

Yo whats good everyone this is your boy >N@T3< and for those of you that don’t know earlier this week I challenged Poison to prove him wrong. The topic is porn yes that’s right let me say it out loud and proud just in case your still trying to grasp that…PORN! Now everyone (you can lie to yourself if you want) has seen porn at least once, then there’s others of us out there that can have a porn star name for each letter of the alphabet. But regardless of your experiences can it really be considered respectable? Now I want you to really stop and think and for the guys I want you to think with your head that has eyes not the other one (no homo)

Now let me just say I have my share of favorite starts but does that mean that I really respect them as an individual. For of all lets look at it this way, the girls that are in this business are making a shit load of money and yes everyone can respect money BUT, you need to do some background information.

Most of these girls never make it past high school meaning, if they didn’t look the way they did [NOTE: most of it being plastic] then these girls would be out on the street working at a Mc Donald’s or getting pimped.

Also I need to say would you really respect a girl that really has no respect for her self? If you need to take 5 dicks up your ass and put it on the internet to whore yourself for money then really how self respecting are you? I know for fact that for me to consider a woman anything more than a whore she has to have respect for herself, and if a person can’t respect themselves why should other people.

Remember back in high school and sometimes even as early as junior high you had that one hot girl that had sex with one guy and everyone labeled her a slut? Lets put one of these porn stars in a real life society. (In a office setting) you have lets say Lacey Duvalle suck off every guy in the company including the boss. Now if that was to happen know for fact that even the guys that got sucked off would be calling her a slut. Now can you really consider porn respectable?

Now I’m about to get biblical here yea that’s right I’m going there. The bible says commandment number 7 to be specific ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ For those of you that don’t know adultery is defined as having sexual relations with someone other than one’s husband or wife. Now I know for fact everyone has broken this rule (if you haven’t that sucks for you :P) but to do it on constant basis, video tape it and then distribute it for money is just plain wrong and earns no form of respect in my book.

Another thing lets take a look into the future if that was your daughter that you took your time, effort and money to raise and she turned out to be a whore that is one of the ultimate forms of disrespect. Really weight in those odds and think what is if I had a kid that did that you know you wouldn’t look at them the same way. You would still love them but not respect the decision that they made I can almost guarantee that.

Now as a part of this debate we were each aloud to use one video clip with very limited sexuality to try and prove are point right. This is my clip of porn star Lacey Duvalle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-D98gDQaJY

Now just from listening to her talk I don’t respect her. Not to mention the title within the video alone. I honestly would love to have someone try and bring this girl home to mom. I know my mom would have preached the whole bible and spoken in tongues to me just after 5 minutes of listening this girl talk about what she does for a career.

Well the choice is all yours can you really respect porn, porn stars and anything related I know I personally can’t.


Top Ten Love Songs pt.3- >N@T3<‘s picks

Well now, we have a late entry in this competition for the title of greatest romance playlist but >N@T3< has yet to say his say.  Thus far we’ve seen the smooth and sophisticated sound of Lionel, we’ve tasted the sweet sexual sound of Poison and now we get to hear from The Infection’s love doctor himself about his picks.

So here it is, >N@T3<‘s picks for the top ten love songs of all time!


1. All my life | K-Ci and Jo Jo

This song is just nice. You hear it at weddings, proms and everywhere else that tries to set the mood with a slow song. It pretty much delivers the message to your woman with out saying anything and if you can sing it then damn you know your getting some that night

2. When I see you smile | Boys ii Men

Here’s another classic from a truly great group of individual’s. Boy’s ii Men put this song on the charts, it slow, its sweet and its just nice man.

3. My girl | The Temptations

Damn now this is just vintage. I wasn’t even born yet, the year was 1965 and The Temptations just brought fire with this song. In a time of segregation this was truly a song that could bring couples of all colors together to unite in one room. Truly a classic.

4. Can you stand the rain? | Boys ii Men

Another great song from Boys ii Men. This is for those starter couples. This song makes you feel confident that you can rely on your partner no matter what.

5. Promise | Jagged Edge

“Nothing is promised to me and you, so why would we let this thing go?” Do I really have to even write why this song is great Jagged Edge was one of the top 10 R&B groups for sure and this song just proves my point.

6. Lets get married | Jagged Edge

Once again this is another song that tore up the charts they even had a remix with Run DMC that killed it. This song here just sets the mood. You know when your about to get your freak on this is on of those songs that need to get played.

7. Moving mountains | Usher

Although it’s not even that old I can almost guarantee that this will be on Usher’s greatest hits album. This is what you listen to right after a hard breakup it says everything your feeling right after something like that. Not really a love song but it does deal with issues love brings.

8. Your all I need | Method Man feat Mary J Bilge

This takes me back as a kid, I remember listening to this on the radio when it was just me my, bro and my mom. This song doesn’t need to be a R&B song for it to be good.

9. Turn your lights down low | Bob Marley feat Lauren Hill

“I want to give you some love, I want to give you some good good lovin’.” I don’t need to say anything here except INSTANT CLASSIC R.I.P. Bob Marley

10. Nice and Slow | Usher

This is a good song, no doubt one of Usher’s best. This is another one of those songs that you can play while getting your freak on or just setting the mood. This is definitely within my top 100 songs.

And those are >N@T3<‘s picks for his top ten love songs of all time. Make sure you entertain us with your thoughts!

Flirting for dummies pt.2- >N@T3< says…

Hey there everyone at The Infection its >N@T3< now before I get in to this topic I would like to say that this will be my last article regarding relationships for while due to personal reasons. As of now I will be writing other articles may it be on music, political issues or just general debates.

Now lets get started. Flirting is one of the easiest ting to learn but if you have no clue what your doing things can easily turn ugly for you in a spilt second. Firstly there are some writing rules with regards to flirting let me list them in order

Number one- Do not and I repeat DO NOT ever go straight into flirting that can easily make you look desperate and have the person feel uncomfortable. Away talk with the person you plan to flirt with for at least 5-30 minutes. Get to know them there likes dislike and all that other good stuff before you decide to spit some game at them.

Number two. Your attire is highly important. If you just came from the gym, work that’s not corporate or anything that has you sweat, stink or otherwise looks unattractive do not pursue to flirt. First impressions with anyone are key to how they look at you as a person. Make sure that you look decent for the occasion.

Number three – always have a pack of gum with you if you plan to flirt if you don’t have one run your ass to the store to buy one. I can a sure you that nobody wants to smell that angus burger and poutine on your breath especially if your tryin to spit some game. Make sue it’s a pack of mint gum also when I say gum im not talking about that kiddie stuff I recommend excel or dentine as they last long and can help quickly.

Now if you have all of those things in check then your good to go. Try to avoid cheesy lines because there really not cute so don’t waste your time. If you’ve meet the person you would like to flirt with before and they now a little about you then be normal and act your self. Since I like to make jokes and if I wanted to start to flirt with a girl my entering line would be “you must be a parking ticket because you have fine written all over you.” the reason I can get away with that is because as long as I smile and laugh I can easily play it off if the person knows that I like to crack jokes.

There’s also cyber flirting such as msn and text messaging this is a lot easier to do because it requires less confidence since you don’t see the person and in this case you can ignore rule 2 and 3. If this is more suitable for you as long as you remember rule one and not to make cheesy pick up lines you should be in the clear.

That’s pretty much all that is required in my opinion as long as your confident smart and follow those rules you should be able to just about conquer anything


Technical difficulties

The Infection would like to apologize for our lateness this week in production of the article ‘Flirting for dummies part 2’ and will have this ready by the end of the week. Otherwise, we will have all other planned material for week 3 of our Romance and love special ready on time.

Also, we would like to announce some new surprise material.

This week, The Infection will be hosting a debate between two of it’s members. Poison Apple will be facing off against >N@T3< in a debate. The subject: Pornography, can it really be considered a respectable business?

Poison argues that it can be considered a respectable business and aims to prove this in the debate.

Meanwhile, >N@T3< argues against this and believes  that no matter what pornography cannot be considered respectable.

So please stay tuned to The Infection for more updates.

Relationship Tech support

A foreword from Poison:

Here at The infection we value the formation of close interpersonal relationships. By coming together we are able to better understand each other and ourselves.

That being said, today we’re going to have a healthy chat about maintaining a relationship.


Since I have never been in a real relationship myself I’ve called in a trustworthy authority to speak on relationships.


In with us is our local love doctor >N@T3< a.k.a. Hitch and he’s managed to make some time out of his busy schedule to talk a little with us about how to maintain a healthy relationship. 




How ya’ll doin’ folks this is your boy here >N@T3< a.k.a. Hitch on The Infection. Now I’ve been asked to do give every one here a little background information on how to maintain a good relationship.


Now if you ask me a relationship is a great thing to have but once you have it just like a car it needs maintenance, and no matter what it will always need fuel to keep it going for years on end.  Now I’m the type of guy that has experience when it comes to long-term relationships so if you’ve never been able to keep a relation ship for more than a couple months then I guess at this point I’m your knight in shining armor.


Well where the hell should I start? Let’s take a look at things about a month in a relationship because most people make it that far. Without a doubt the first month is what really sets the stage for someone to decide if they want to continue on in a relationship.


In the space of the first month both partners need to look into what they want out of the relationship. If your reasons are shit then the relationship is going to be shit. Reasons like money, sex or just wanting to have a partner for the sake of saying you have one is a one way trip to a no good relationship.


Next, the first month is where you both will find out each other’s boundaries. It’s a little different from when you two were just ‘friends’. Now you’ll probably see each other more often than before and when you hang out with someone more then you learn more about them. In the first month you will both learn some surprising little facts about them that they didn’t open up to you before. It’s a privilege that comes with a cost…sure you learn more about your partner but then you tend to get more annoyed with them as well.


On the issue of being annoyed…learn about space early. The couples that are always seen together and holding hands and never leaving each other even to shit are the ones that just never seem to last? I wonder why?  It’s because they eventually get annoyed with each other! We all need space and if you learn not to suffocate each other in the first bit then you’ll survive the next little bit.


Now as time goes on you might see that your relationship that began spicy and hot with you both learning more about each other and hopefully liking each other more…got a bit cold and mundane. Spontaneity is your friend.  Get well acquainted. Every now and then just get up and take that special person somewhere, make em feel like every day is their birthday. Beware- don’t overdo it though because then you run the risk of spoiling your partner. Nobody likes a spoiled brat.


Speaking of spoiled brats…there will be the inevitable time where all or at least one conversation will degenerate into childish argument. This could either signal a time for strengthening in the relationship or the end of the whole gig. You can strengthen the relationship by…

1)     Remaining calm. Show your partner that you have the ability to be level headed and composed.

2)     Just listen. Even if you may be right you just need to listen- it helps so much to just listen.

I understand that, in theory, those two steps are easy to follow but in application I understand that it’s hard sometimes to not do the opposite. We all get angry sometimes but remember that you have to keep in control.


Finally, as time goes on, your relationship may advance all the way one of a sexual nature.  If you wish to be involved in a mature relationship then know that you should both be completely sure of each other before proceeding to sex. Another thing, this is for both guys and gals- carry protection. Condoms etc. are useful to have even if you’re not active you then can have some on hand in case someone you know is getting active and they need some. That and know that shit can still ‘just happen’ in any kind of relationship so it’s better to be prepared for a war that never happens than to be caught off guard when it does happen.



 In total, this is how to maintain a good relationship


Entertain us with your thoughts.