Risk Chapter 12

Holy shit people! It’s been nearly a year since we updated this story but after receiving some feedback I realized that it’s time to get to finishing this story. Especially since we’re going to be shutting down our doors at the end of this year, I figure that it’s time for us to get this story finished and over with once and for all!

Now, as you all know we haven’t really been posting as much as we normally do in the past month but tomorrow we have an announcement for you all! Yes, yet another announcement from The Infection regarding…us! Yeah, we know you all are getting tired of the announcements but think of it like this…we’re planning and doing things because we do want to keep you all as entertained as we’ve been kept by you.  Now! I proudly present Risk chapter 12!

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Caribana 2010!

Alright people! So…did you all enjoy the past month with Lionel? I know I did but now you’re stuck with uncle Poison for the next month! I’ll leisurely watch as our pageviews plummet into the depths of tartarus until Lionel returns from his vacation. Otherwise, I’ll be here to keep you all entertained and I’ll begin this solo show with a nice little showing of my excursion to Caribana 2010!

So this weekend past on Saturday July 31st, I decided to take a trip down to Toronto’s Caribana festival. No, I wasn’t there for the entire festival since there are other events all over the city during that week that lead up to caribana. I was only there for the parade but the fact is that the parade is the only thing most people  care about.

Now for a picture by picture account of my day starting at Toronto’s union station.

Alright, so it was hot and stinking in the subway as my friends and I made our way to the street car that would take us to the parade route on Lakeshore road. In the picture you might recognize the face of the infamous Mr.Chocolate (check out our Feburary video to see him in action) alongside some new companions who will not be identified.

A fair warning to those of you who do wish to visit Toronto one day for this event, try to get into the city early. On the day of the parade traffic to get into the city is complete chaos. I’ll give you a runthrough of all possible ways into the city on that day and how long it takes.

By car/bus- You’ll be stuck in traffic for at least an hour. I can guarantee that if you’re not already in the city. The highways are always packed, streets are always blocked off and public transit is always in a state of disarray. In total- getting into the city will take a long ass time and to top it off it’s almost always on a hot ass day in the summer.

By GO train- it’s not so bad if you’re taking the train to Exhibition Place.  Still, the train is bound to be packed too but the train has air conditioning, cushy seats, less stops and is a little bit more expensive. Alas, you still need to wait for the train and since it’s on a weekend the GO Train is quite iffy. Also, the train obviously doesn’t come as frequently as the bus or subway train. I personally dont reccomend this route if you’re prone to being late for things like myself.

Anyways, after this we all went to the parade. There was much dancing, singing, drinking and smoking to be had by many of us there. So here are the pictures for you all to entertain yourselves with while I plan some more big shit!

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Microsoft sucks Megahard at E3 2010

Alright people, It’s Poison here with The Infection’s last update about this year’s E3. Sadly I’ve been left with the task of cleaning up the trash and telling you all about the steaming pile of shit that is Microsoft.  In all fairness, before you get into the article I will let you all look at the press conference yourselves if you’re willing to take an hour out of your time.

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Anime North 2010: Final Day

Alright people, so we’re at the final day of our three days worth of pictures from Anime North 2010. Given that you all have been following us for the past few days on our lovely little blog, you’ve been expecting this last post. Well, before we get into the actual post we wanna shout out to some of the artists we know personally and saw there throughout the weekend. So… please feel free to check out the pages of Pikatuff and Chib, who you already know are listed here on The Infection. You should also check out Wrathofcanis and Wingsofhope, who were also there this weekend past. There are a few more talented individuals who showed up to the con that we know but we currently dont have any links to their respective galleries. Anyways, people it’s picture time! Continue reading

Anime North 2010: Day 2

Alright people, It’s Poison Apple here again with more pictures for you all courtesy of Lionel Heart.  Our little convention story continues for all of you with our pictures from the second day of our three day excursion to Anime North 2010!  Unlike yesterdays post we’ve decided to tell the story through alt text on the pictures. Just because we’re that awesome and we can talk as much shit as we want. All in all, keep us entertained!   Continue reading

Are we really free to fuck?

Alright people, we apologize for last weeks absence and this weeks lack of posting but alot of things were happening with us. On a good note we’re back and we’re going to be dishing out higher quality material for y’all starting this month and onwards!

So before we get into the lowdown of what we have planned for this month, March, and the theme we will finish off our one post for last month’s theme in the form of a video. And no, this time we wont be leaving a script for you to read out since it just wouldn’t have the same impact as the video.

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All about Abortion

Alright people, so we promised it and here it is. Our post about Abortion. Now those of you who are wondering what the hell this has to do with this month’s theme of love, sex and relationships are the people who should not be having any sex at all before something horrible happens.  We’ve got a video and a shitload of graphic pictures courtesy of myself, Poison, so prepare to be offended and disgusted.

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Toronto International Auto Show

Before this post continues I’m going to come forward and say that I, Poison, am at fault for the horrible video quality since YouTube is full of shit. They forced me to compress the video a lot so that it could be uploaded…fucking assholes. My bad people, my bad…now onto Lionel! (from Poison)

You guys thought I was lying when I said my post earlier this week was delayed because of the auto show, well HA! Wait you didn’t think I was lying and thought that to be a totally truth filled excuse, then I give you more credit for believing in me than the rest of us. Ah yes the auto show my every year excursion where I get to dream and orgasm at all the new cars Continue reading