Greetings and Hello!

Greetings ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, transsexuals and intersexed individuals alike. My name is Solstice and I have been enlisted by the fine gentleman Poison to help with posting on his leave of absence. As grateful as I am for a slice of the infected apple so to say, this did come quite unexpectedly. For instance:

Poison – “You’re hired.”
Solstice – “O_O WHAT?”

Unlike Script X, I am not a writer, nor am I musician, and I most definitely cannot draw. Why then am I on The Infection?
Heck if I know. Personally, I think Poison is getting desperate.

I shall warn everyone that I have a tendency to ramble, curse, swear, and above all, ramble, when I write about subjects. I shall do my best to be as entertaining and exact as Poison, Script X, Lionel, Cronus, and the other fine members of this establishment.

Let’s get this train wreck on the road!

Today’s topic: the “mosque” on Ground Zero.

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