Talented Artists!

On this page is where we  feature links to the pages of some of our talented friends and partners outside of A-Soul. We totally understand that you might not like us but we’re sure that while passing by you will find at least one of these talented individuals likeable.

1) C7colours– A personal friend of Poison’s and a  respected artist! This talented woman resides in Canada at the moment and is going places fast. look out for her website that’s supposed to be up soon and keep and eye on her for updates. She also graduated from Sheridan’s Visual and Creative arts program with Poison and is currently enrolled in their Animation program. Check our her work and be sure to comment!

2) Chib-bee– A personal friend of Poison’s and another respected artist.  This talented woman resides in Canada at the moment and is currently enrolled in one of North America’s top animation programs at Sheridan College. She is one to definitely deliver no disappointments when it comes to quality work. Check her out and be sure to comment!

3)rockpopple– A personal friend to Poison and a respected artist. This man is someone with ideas who’s going places. Currently he’s taking Animation course offered at Mohawk College. He works hard and he improves quickly so keep an eye on him cause where you think he is one minute, the next minute he isn’t- he’s like a ninja. To top it off he’s a member of The Infection so he’ll be with us to keep us entertained!

4) Joshua Emter– One of the most talented men we know here at in A-Soul. He writes music, he can sing quite well, he can play the guitar and he can outdraw/paint ALOT of people out there. He’s one person you need to keep an eye on cause he moves quickly and can get quite hard to find at times. Honestly, his work speaks for itself and he himself is one of the coolest people you will ever hopefully meet. If you wanna find out more about him or his art check out his blog!You can also find more projects by him here!

5) Sarah Anne Davis a.k.a SADcat– Add one more person to the ever growing list of talented people Poison is friends with on this list. This artist can be found at Sheridan right now taking the animation course offered there. Not only is she working to get her talented hands into the animation field but she’s also got an awesome webcomic you need to check out. To top it off she also has her own blog with a lovely looking resume for those of you looking for an artist to hire. Give her your support people!

6) Annie Hughes a.k.a Suka Strife– Yet another future animator at Sheridan that Poison has associated himself with. Also very talented (like the rest of the people on this list)plus  she’s got style, grace and a  cute face. What more can you ask for from her? Commissions might be a great start and you can work from there but do be sure to check her out and lend her your support!

7) Calvin La Combe– Only one word can describe this man and his work. EPIC.  On a personal note from Poison, this is one artist who deserves exposure and high praise. He has graduated from the Visual and Creative arts program with Poison at Sheridan and he aspires to teach one day. Trust us, as an artist you will learn from him!

8) Mattieau St.Cyr  a.k.a. Manikk– One of the coolest guys Poison knows at Sheridan. He’s also in the animation program and in all honesty his work speaks for itself. Click the link, check out his shit and try not to let your jaw drop off on the way out.

9) Kevin Q Agoncillo– A good friend of Poison’s in the Illustration program at Sheridan at the moment, he is also trained in classical animation.  Check out his work or you can wait until later when him and Poison show you what they’ve come up with while working together at the moment. Overall, be sure that this guy will keep you entertained!

10) Andrew Prasetya– Another good friend of Poison in the Illustration program at Sheridan at the moment. This man is a vicious prefectionist who you can guarantee will deliver and inspire results. Check out his work and please try not to shit yourself when looking.

11) H.I.V.E Records/ DSF– Brought to our attention by Lionel; KTB, Dat Rapper and P Money are up and coming hiphop talent straight out of Brampton. A set of guys who listened to rap and hiphop from the late 80s and early 90s which they draw their inspiration from along with their real life experiences.

12) Tabitha Paxton– Her work speaks for itself but since we have to put something here we can summarize it all in one word- Awesome. Tabitha is an up and coming Make up artist who is always on the go. If she’s not found at a convention someplace decked out in a fabulous cosplay, you can find her at your nearest Taco Bell with an apple juice and a smile that’ll warm your heart.

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